How do we know what we think we know?

Students of Marce Dupay's ART 1020/1030 classes 

  • Aiden Craig
  • Jordan Davis-Cheshire
  • Luke Fackler
  • Hayleigh Hamrick-Sharp
  • Autumn Harlan
  • Vy Huynh
  • Ian Holbrook
  • Julia Januszewska
  • Noelle Kostyack
  • Morgan Lang
  • Kylie Pfeiffer
  • Alexis Stant
  • Joseph Symons
  • Piper Stewart
  • Shelby Taft 
  • Alexa Tenney
  • Julia Trendel
  • Madi van Tatenhove
  • Elizabeth Wank
Visual Art

Famous photo of Albert Einstein with long tongue that licks the bottom of the frame and comes in again from the left side to lick his eyebrow.  Small scale hands reach from inside his empty eye sockets and touch tongue

Noelle Kostyack, Mini-Marks “Boring” Sidewalk Drawing, 2021

Julia Trendel, Tactile Object Journey, 2021