ArtsX - Here We Go - Saturday December 4th - 5pm-9pm

Michaela Westra

Visual Arts

The duality of loss and presence is the main theme within these small encaustic narratives. As these moments are preserved, figures are hidden and lost from the viewer. This physical layering and distancing from the figures in the paintings references the actual loss and distance of those this artist is missing.

The embrace between the figures shows presence and the importance of physical touch to the human experience. The paintings reference personal family photographs. Photographs can be said to hold both power and memory. People look to photographs to remember moments and loved ones. The work portrays underappreciated moments of life. The ones we put away and forget about. Knowing she is not the only one who is experiencing loss and the need for revisiting moments and embraces, the work aims to bring a sense of nostalgia and comfort to the viewers by recreating personal longing.


“Embrace”  ,2021


"Comfort"  ,2021

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