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Kolt Lucius Sizer

Visual Arts

Kolt Lucius Sizer is an interdisciplinary artist from South Bend, IN with a focus on drawing and painting. Sizer received his BFA in 2-D Studio Art from Indiana University South Bend in 2019 and is currently pursuing his MFA degree in 2-D studies at Bowling Green State University.His current works explore themes of fatalism and trepidation caused by current events through the use of chiaroscuro lighting and heavy shadows. 

Sizer has participated in multiple residency opportunities across the Midwest including the international studio residency Paul Artspace in St. Louis, Missouri in 2019. His work has been exhibited in several national and international exhibitions including the Figurative Art National Exhibition at the Dallas Metro Arts Contemporary in Dallas, Texas in 2021.


E. Bowman, Charcoal on Paper 20” x 30” ,2021

South Side Charcoal on Paper 20” x 30” 2021

South Side Charcoal on Paper, 20” x 30” ,2021

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