ArtsX - Here We Go - Saturday December 4th - 5pm-9pm

ART 1120 – Boundaries

Boundaries – physical, psychological, emotional, reality-based and imagined, and imposed by us or others – make us aware of the “in-between” and compared binaries. Students made videos that pushed or questioned boundaries that they were experiencing during the height of COVID-19 lock-down, making in shorter experimental segments that were focused on narrative and non-narrative approaches.  Collaboratively editing, they refined their approaches, combined segments while playing with pacing and repetition, and discovered ways of opening their ideas about advantages, restrictions, and blurring of boundaries.  These videos question: ethical decisions and empathy; loneliness and connection with others; psychological/mental spaces; chores and play; neuro-atypical positioning; the physicality of skin and pain; travel and time; and immersion in the natural or man-made space.

Updated: 12/10/2021 10:28AM