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Picture Book Showcase

Picture Book Showcase:

Student Work from ENG 3420

Amanda Rzicznek and Jessica Zinz-Cheresnick

Creative Writing

Welcome to the virtual showcase of student work produced in both sections of ENG 3420: Literature for Young Children taught by Amanda McGuire Rzicznek. We invite you to join us in the Fine Arts Building Room 130 for the in-person showcase too. Enjoy! 

Cover of The Dance depicting drawing of ballet shoes and the text "The Dance"

The Dance

Hannah Stewart

Claire has a dance recital, and she is not sure her mom will show up. Do you think she will show up? Read Here

Cover of The Blue Little Monster depicting a drawing of a blue monster with 3 eyes and the text "The Blue Little Monster"

The Blue Little Monster

Kaia Kruckeberg

My story is important to share with the world because it can teach children that people with disabilities can do anything they can do. One of my good friends has autism and no one would ever let him play with them at recess. I want to change children’s views, so no one has to go through what he did. Read Here

Cover of My Guardian Butterfly depicting a drawing of a monarch butterfly flying next to clouds and a sun. Text "My Guardian..." and "Ryanna Vencill"R

My Guardian Butterfly

Ryanna Vencill

My Guardian Butterfly is a story based on my life. Losing someone is hard, and this book, I hope, helps a child. Read Here

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