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Comics and Zines: student work from ENG 3150. Drawn image of hand drawing the previous text with a pencil

Comics & Zines: Student Work from ENG 3150

Amanda Rzicznek and Jessica Zinz-Cheresnick

Creative Writing

Welcome to the virtual showcase of student work produced in both sections of ENG 3150: Graphic Novel Workshop taught by Amanda McGuire Rzicznek and Jessica Zinz-Cheresnick. We invite you to join us in the Fine Arts Building Room 1100 for the in-person showcase too. Enjoy! 

Panel of Koon's zine. Click here to view the full comic

Cecilia The Spirit

Chloe Koon

Cecilia’s journey is told through her new-found friends. Will Cecilia, a new spirit, find where she is meant to be, or will she be lost searching? Read Here

image of the cover of tony's zine, depicting the instagram logo and the text "DM's"

Funny DMs

Tony Sansalone

Read Here

The first page of AJ's zine, which depicts the overall layout of the zine

Questionable yet Comedic Quotes

AJ Firestein

Read Here

first page of tyler's zine, depicting a drawing of the 4 teenage mutant ninja turtles' heads and the text "teenage mutant ninja turtles"

Video Games That Have Impacted My Life In Some Way

Tyler Sams

Read Here

First page of kyle's comic. Contains a drawing of himself and the text "the study of me! kyle ruppenthal!" in a speech bubble

Kyle 1080: Intro to Coneology

Kyle Ruppenthal

Read Here

Cover of Jazz's zine with an origami dragon, a heart, and the text "a how-to guide"

Origami Dragons: A How-To Guide

Liz Butterfield

Read Here

Panel of Hobb's comic depicting people in front of a tv watching the movie E.T.

Companions of the Cosmos

Kaylee Hobbs

There are stories of many kinds of friends, and with that comes good fun, but let this tale take you through a friendship that transcends galaxies. Read Here

2 panels of first page of Colors Zine. Black and white drawing of somebody surfacing in a body of water


Josh Pilcher

A young soul awakes in a world full of color, and must explore the world to find out where they are and more importantly, who they are. Read Here

page 1 one nick's zine. Image of hat and mask and text "persona 5" in serial cut-out letters

The Games that Shaped Me

Nick Tamburrino

Read Here

First page of Jazz's zine, titled "beginner's guide to cosplay"

Beginner’s Guide to Cosplay: An Informational Zine

Jazz Horrigan

Read Here

page of rosie's zine depicting a drawing of a chupacabra

Cryptic Cryptids

Rosie Wolford

Read Here

cover of maggie's zine, depicting the text "zodiac bitches be like" in white lettering on a blue background

Zodiac Bitches Be Like:

Maggie Marx

Read Here

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