BGSU offers DocuSign for eSignature needs

Project Spotlight

DocuSign, a 3rd party cloud-based application, is BGSU's electronic signature solution, allowing users to configure, send, and sign electronic documents securely.  DocuSign’s functionality is not limited to signatures - the application can route a document through a pre-configured set of steps (or workflow) to free up employee time by automating paper processes and allow signers a more direct path to submit forms.  

Access to use DocuSign for university business is free for faculty members and staff; however, DocuSign charges a per-use fee for ‘additional authentication’ methods.  Signing documents electronically is free for students, parents, university employees, non-employees, etc.

The following lists will help you determine if your signature process is a good fit for DocuSign.


Top reasons to use DocuSign:

  • Repeatable, standardized process
  • Ability to track real-time routing status
  • Ensures secure, legal electronic signing both inside and outside of BGSU

Top reasons not to use DocuSign:

  • Documents require significant editing or comments
  • Routing requires complex role or recipient flexibility
  • Signature needs to appear as if it were hand-written – cannot have authentication trail

The goal of using DocuSign is to enhance and streamline the form submission process for the end-user, while reducing cost through efficiencies and removing administrative burdens that are integral in paper form processing.