Information Technology Services

Welcome to Information Technology Services (ITS) at BGSU. ITS plays an integral role at the University by establishing and supporting an environment in which the application of technology enhances and improves teaching, learning, research, and university operations.

ITS provides technical support for all institutionally owned computer systems including campus servers, classroom technology equipment, and desktop equipment in public labs and department offices along with technical support for enterprise applications, academic software, information security, and online application training. Additionally, ITS is responsible for overseeing the installation and ongoing maintenance of the campus network and the campus phone system.

Via ITS, technical assistance is available to residential computer users and retirees as well as services to provide hardware repairs, virus software, data destruction & recycling, and guidance on hardware and software purchases for personally owned systems.

In order to provide customer service for all faculty, staff, students and retirees who use these technologies, the Technology Support Center (TSC) is available as the primary point of contact.  

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Due to the security risk involved, we are unable to give out account information, including your password, over our live chat system. You will need to call our office at 419-372-0999.

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The Live Chat service is only available during the hours of support listed on the bottom of this page.


In an effort to provide better service, the Technology Suppor Center (TSC) is now using a remote assistance application known as Bomgar. Bomgar simplifies support by letting our technicians remotely control computers and smart phones. With your permission, using Bomgar, our technicians can view what you see and control your computer for troubleshooting support. This application will improve our ability to decrease on-site visits, reduce phone support, and will assist the TSC in respoinding effectively to peaks in deman from our customers. The TSC will be able to resolve more incidents immediately as well as increase the number of issues we can resolve during our first point-of-contact with out clients.

For more information about Bomgar, please visit their website at www.bomgar.com.

As a member of the University community, you have several options for accessing the Bomgar applicaiton. You can enter a live chat session on many pages throught the ITS Website by selecting the icon or banner labeled Live Chat. For direct remote assistance with an issue you can either contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) by phone (419-372-0999) or use the issue submission section of our Bomgar powered technical support portal (techsupport.bgsu.edu). You may also be prompted by an ITS technician to open the technical support portal in order to enter a unique 'session key' to open a direct connection.

The Bomgar system uses a centralized and secure server system housed at BGSU to manage and audit all connections made to remote machines by our technicians. The software installed on your machine to enable the remote session is always unique to the session established and will be removed automatically upon conclusion of the session. To further improve security, we are unable to use Bomgar's live chat or remote assistance tool to communicate or view security information, including, but not limited to: passwords, social security numbers and credit card information. Please be sure that this type of information is not open on your screen when using remote assistance.