Campus Wireless Upgrade

BGSU Main and Firelands campuses combined contain almost 3000 wireless access points. This connection hardware is near the end of its lifespan and is controlled by a wireless infrastructure that is no longer supported. To upgrade this infrastructure would cost $1,000,000 over our current maintenance budget for a five year period. This project will replace our entire wireless network and infrastructure with the leading technology of its kind over the next 15 months. Included in this project will be an expansion of our wireless network and capacity. This will better segment our network for increased security while simplifying user access.

Scheduling details are constantly evolving as construction crews work through campus. Summer ’21 and ’22 will see upgrades made to Residence Halls, with most academic and support buildings being updated throughout Fall ’21 and Spring ’22 semesters. Occupants in these buildings will be notified in advance of conversion work, which may result in brief wireless outages at each access point while hardware is swapped.


BGSU Wireless Conversion Table

Old Wireless Network Device Requirement New Wireless Network User Requirement Purpose

University Device

BGSU User Account Full Access Including Active
Directory Services
- Internal DNS
Personal Device BGSU User Account Limited University Resources
- External DNS

Personal Streaming Device

Device Registration Internet Only
- External DNS
Personal Gaming Device Device Registration Internet Only with 1 to 1 NAT
- External DNS

None Internet Only
- External DNS
BGSU-Guest None None Internet Only
- External DNS


Building Schedule

Residence HallConversion Date(s)Status 
Centennial Now - July 9In Progress
McDonaldNow - July 9In Progress
Greek UnitsJun 15 - July 9 
KohlJune 25 - July 26 
Falcon HeightsJuly 5 - August 6 
ConklinDecember 17 - 30 
BuildingConversion Date(s)Status
Fligth CenterSummer 2021 
Central ServicesSummer 2021 
Huntington BuildingSummer 2021 
Hayes HallSummer 2021 


Conversion Status


All campus buildings.


During the time your building is scheduled for its wireless conversion, the building's old wireless access points will be removed and new ones installed. Users may experience intermittent internet outages throughout the building as these devices are updated.