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The Rogers Report

Rogers Report has turned 1! I’ve enjoyed sending this e-newsletter to thousands of alumni and friends to share the story of Bowling Green State University. Throughout this past year, you have kept up to date with the successes and highlights of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and many more Falcons.

Last week marked my one-year anniversary of being appointed the 12th president of Bowling Green State University. It has been a humbling opportunity to serve our alma mater. I have been reflecting on this past year and our mission as a public university to act in the public interest and create public good. Together, we have made great progress in embracing that role.

As a 21st-century public university, let’s continue our work together in driving the educational, cultural, economic and social vitality of our region, nation and world — a vision to create a more productive, good and just society.

Enjoy some of my favorite stories and highlights from this past month!


Rodney K. Rogers, Ph.D. '81
Bowling Green State University

Taking a tour of the human body

BGSU offers students new high tech way to dissect the human body
This month, I dropped by our School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies to learn from our students and faculty about athletic training. To meet the industry’s evolving educational needs, we’ve take human dissection “virtual,” and with that comes a whole new level of technology. Our students and faculty have access to innovative teaching and learning spaces that enhance their education for in-demand careers, and this is a great example of how our relevant academic programs prepare them to live productive lives and how our research agenda is serving the public.

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Jim and Laura Goodman

For two pairs of Falcon Flames, Valentine's Day means sharing their love of craft beer with others
In February we celebrate love ... and what better way to do that than by sending Valentine's Day cards to the more than 14,000 Falcon Flames? We caught up with two pairs of Flames recently who now run their very own craft brewery in Hamilton, Ohio, near Cincinnati. Bowling Green State University alumni Jim ’94 and Laura (Jackson) Goodman ’93 and Aaron ’93 and Stefanie (Axe) Holtz ’93 are the proud owners of Municipal Brew Works.

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Winter Session Service

BGSU's first Winter Session a huge success
In January, we offered our first Winter Session, an opportunity for our students to catch up on classes, study abroad or participate in meaningful experiences like service-learning and internships, even before spring semester kicked off. Learn firsthand from our student body president Hannah Cubberly about several of our offerings during Winter Session and check out the video featuring our students' experiences studying in Spain.

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Sic Sic unmasking

Longstanding BGSU tradition of SICSIC unmasks two seniors
At precisely 2:35 a.m. on October 5, 1946, my early predecessor President Frank Prout brought six students together with a mission to "do all in our power to help make Bowling Green State University a better place by promoting school spirit and goodwill among the students and faculty." Beginning with those original students, SICSIC was founded. As an honorary member, I’ve seen the impact this group has on Bowling Green State University. After almost three years of secrecy, we recently “unmasked” our two senior members to the University and recognized them for their hard work and dedication to the mission of SICSIC!

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Justin Burdine, a BGSU doctoral candidate in biology, and Dr. Kevin McCluney, an assistant professor of biology

BGSU bee research creates buzz about urban agriculture, climate change
One of the many ways we accomplish our mission to act in the public interest is through our faculty’s research, which often includes our undergraduate and graduate students. Bees, the pollinators of a large percentage of the food we eat, are an area of concern for our society because they have been sharply declining in numbers. Dr. Kevin McCluney, an assistant professor of biology, and Justin Budrine, doctoral candidate in biology, recently published their research taking a physiological approach to examining how bees may respond to climate change related to urban development.

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