Applied Health Science

The Applied Health Science degree at BGSU gives students a firm foundation in basic and health-related sciences. In addition, the diversified curriculum provides a basic understanding of human diseases, health administration, aging and wellness. The curriculum is flexible, and students are able to choose from various health content areas those courses of most interest to them. The degree provides ample opportunity for students to meet the admission requirements for graduate studies in physical therapy, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, physician assistant and public health. The degree also provides students with a comprehensive overview of the health care delivery system allowing them to enter the job market upon graduation in areas such as health education, pharmaceutical and medical equipment sales and health information services.

Health Science Specialization

The Health Science specialization is designed to prepare students for entry into a post baccalaureate professional training program in a health related field. The curriculum is centered around essential physical, biological, and social sciences that are fundamental to the allied health professions. This curriculum was developed to meet the needs and academic admission requirements for masters degree and clinical doctorate programs in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Public Health, Occupational Health, and Physician Assistant.
The Health Science specialization is designed with course choice options that (with the approval of an academic advisor) allows students to tailor their academic program to best fit their career goals. The curriculum will fulfill admission requirements to most medical, dental, veterinary, and graduate programs in biological sciences, when courses are properly chosen.
The Health Science specialization is not intended to provide training or practice in a health related field, and therefore, is not intended to be a terminal degree. Students should consider this specialization in order to prepare themselves academically and competitively for admission to one of the practice-based programs mentioned above. Students who are interested in post baccalaureate programs in Dietetics, Audiology, or Speech Pathology should enter the baccalaureate degree programs in Dietetics, and Communication Sciences and Disorders, respectively. Students seeking preparation for other health related fields should consult the institution offering the program of study in order to determine if the Health Science specialization is an appropriate degree.

Program Requirements and Degree Checksheet

Respiratory Care

The respiratory care specialization is a distance degree completion program for respiratory therapists. Students complete their required supportive requirements on-line or at the Firelands campus, and their respiratory care practice courses at their workplace or other site approved by the RC program director. The respiratory care specialization is designed to prepare students for advanced practice in respiratory care. Advanced respiratory care practitioners work in a wide variety of clinical settings to evaluate, treat, and manage patients of all ages with respiratory illnesses and other cardiopulmonary disorders. Advanced respiratory care practitioners perform diagnostic procedures to assess breathing function and treatments for airway and lung diseases, evaluate the effectiveness of treatments and medications for breathing problems, and provide patient education.

Acceptance into the distance degree completion program for respiratory care requires completion of both an associate degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA, and certification as a respiratory therapist, (CRT or RRT). Students who are enrolled in a respiratory care program accredited by CoARC may be given permission to enroll in the degree completion program concurrently, but will not be permitted to complete the capstone practice courses (RESP 4710 and RESP 4720) until they have successfully met the requirements for their associate degree and are eligible to take the CRT and RRT certification exams.  For more information about this program contact Rod Roark at 419-372-0865 or email: Rod.


Health Care Administration

The health care administration specialization is designed to prepare students to work in management and administration in hospitals, clinics and other organizations providing health care services. Their roles include aspects of finance, budgeting, billing, human resources management, facilities management, marketing, and quality

Program Requirements and Degree Checksheet