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A letter from the CIO
BGSU technology is changing fast and many of those changes will occur during late spring and summer. These changes will have a positive impact for us all! Several of these upcoming changes include:

Two Step Authentication for employee email - Since January, BGSU and many other entities have seen a sharp increase in “super phishing” emails. BGSU has experienced five compromised employee email accounts that exposed SSNs and Driver License numbers to the hackers. ITS is working with all administrative offices to place Two Step Authentication in front of their employees’ email accounts. Due to the manual nature of the sign up process, we do not see this changeover being completed until late summer.

Faculty 180 - new Promotion and Tenure system that is now live and will be used this next academic year. The new system has both annual review and tenure review capabilities.

Career Center Handshake - This new career system will allow 20,000 companies and our students to meet virtually and improves the job search process for current students and our graduates. It will be replacing WorkNet at the end of May

Adobe Campaign email utility – Finally, after a full year of starts and stops, we will have a working mass email utility for departments to use in place of Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. It will take another year to roll the system out to all departments.

EvaluationKit – A single course evaluation tool that will provide standardization across all courses for students to evaluate content and instruction. This tool will be live by fall semester.

Enterprise Training System – A single system that all training packages like Sexual Harassment or Hiring Policies can use.

Winter Session 2019 – This program is currently under development and will be ready to test by fall 2018 semester.

Eduroam – Now live at BGSU, it allows any faculty or student to connect back to BGSU while visiting another campus where Eduroam is also used. For our academic colleagues visiting us from Eduroam universities, it means they can log into our network as if they were at their home university!

Printers and Copiers - The current printers and copiers in the ComDoc program across campus will be replaced with NEW devices this summer. Many new features will be available such as – secure print, print anywhere and secure fax.

VESTA 911 – By fall semester Public Safety will receive a new 911 system linking BGSU directly with the Wood County and BG Police departments.

Collab Lab – The best-kept secret on campus is the Collab Lab in the Jerome Library. So many new technology possibilities are ready for you to use like 3-D printing, Virtual Reality, 3-D scanning etc. Please check them out!

As we welcome our new students this coming fall, a good portion of our technology will also be new!


John Ellinger, CIO
John Ellinger, CIO

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Important Dates
April 22, 2018Implementation of Slate Undergraduate Admissions CRM
April 23, 2018 – Getting Started Training & SharePoint – Site Owner Training
May 4-6, 2018HCM 9.2 Upgrade
Many MyBGSU employee self-service links will be unavailable the weekend of May 4-6. The PeopleSoft HCM system will be undergoing annual maintenance updates.
May 15, 2018Handshake Implementation
Career Center software replacement for Worknet.
May 22, 2018 – Getting Started Training & SharePoint – Site Owner Training
July 20-22. 2018CSS 9.2 PUM 9.0 Go-Live Weekend
This project will upgrade PeopleSoft CSS 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.55 to the current release (applying PUM Image 7, 8, and 9). We will also upgrade High Point Schedule Builder to the current release within this same project.