OWL Submission Form

Directions: Please answer the following questions as completely as possible. Then, copy and paste your text in the space provided at the bottom of this form. Because it is important for your online writing consultant to be familiar with the details of your assignment, no paper will be read if the questions below have not first been answered.

An Online Session lasts an hour, same as our in-person consultations, and are second in priority to in-person consultations, especially when the Learning Commons schedule is booked.

This service is NOT available on weekends, holidays, or during University breaks.

Students with essays longer than 6-8 pages are strongly encouraged to schedule an in-person appointment to discuss their essays. Longer essays will be subject to several submissions, and writers should allow for a 72-hour response time. Additionally, we reserve the right to decline an online consultation in favor of an in person session if it suits the learning process of the student writer.

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