Your Fellow Falcon

yourFellowFalcon is creating a more welcoming campus. yourFellowFalcons go out of their way to reach out to fellow students in a variety of ways. Smile. Hold the door. Care.


yFF Facebook Chat - training required. This one is pretty self-explanatory

Random Acts of Kindness - Stop by yFF headquarters and find out what we are doing this week for someone who looks like he/she needs a pick-me-up. It feels great, and helps you connect with people you wouldn't normally engage.

Hero Days - Be a hero for a day. Be part of a goodwill team that visits the library and surprises students with a study break, or shows up at the commuter center with coupons for lunch.

Tag Team - Catch people doing yFF-like things like holding a door, providing excellent service or giving an amazing lecture. Take a photo with your phone and send it to We will post it on Facebook!

Seal of Approval - yourFellowFalcon helps to promote and endorse events, programs or organizations that contribute to a positive atmosphere in our campus community. Chalk our sheal throughout campus during the wee hours of the night or morning (your pick!) to highlight these events.

Traditions - Do you have a favorite place in town that you couldn't imaging college without? Cookie Jar? Mr. Spots? Al-Mar Lanes? Pass on to other students your favorite "BG traditions". We'll solicit coupons from these businesses and organize trips with new students to visit them!

Ambassadors - training required yFF ambassadors travel with the admissions team and help promoted BGSU to prospective students at our receptions across the state and during Preview and Presidents Day!

Lemonade Stand - Staff the Lemonade Stand on the steps of the Education Building or in the Union Oval. Give advice to students about what to do when "life gives you lemons!"

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