About the Women’s Center

Women’s centers were first established on college campuses in the early 1970s to address the array of issues that women faced:  violence and inequities in education, health care, employment, and leadership, to name a few.  In 1998, the Women's Center at BGSU opened its doors to bring visibility to issues affecting women on campus, coordinate and facilitate access to resources relevant to women's issues, promote the integration of women's issues into campus culture and discourse, and advocate for the removal of barriers that inhibit the full participation of women in the University community.

Founding Friends of the Women's Center

Special thanks to all for their contribution to the Women's Center!

  • Carolyn Aldrich Ziance
  • Barbara Henry
  • Catherine Shufelt
  • Amy Beltano
  • Elizabeth Hofer
  • Terence Somerville
  • Michelle Beltano
  • Stephen Kasperick-Postellon
  • Vicki Williams
  • Ann Bowers
  • Teresa Kasperick-Postellon
  • Donna Wittwer
  • Liette Gidlow
  • Lisa Knowles
  • Betty Yarris
  • Linda Hamilton
  • Janet Parks

The name of all Founding Friends are on a commemorative plaque in the Women's Center.