Windows 10 Upgrade

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end all support for devices running versions of Windows older than the Windows 10 opetating system. In order to ensure that our devices conitnue to received necessary security patches and bug fixes, ITS must upgrade all existing machines to the Windows 10 OS.

In preparation for this deadline, new office device requests dating back to 2016 are configured with Windows 10, as well as all lab and classroom machines. The remaining university-owned devices will be upgraded over the next 12 months. Information on the upgrade is outlined below.




Time until Support Ends


How to Upgrade


Faculty with primary devices in need of upgrading will be notified by email from the TSC. They may schedule upgrade appointments with an ITS technician by calling the TSC directly at 419-372-099 or through Live Chat. Upgrade appointments are available from February 25 through May 1, 2019.


Staff upgrades will be completed via on-site visits by ITS technicians. Over the coming months technicians will be traveling from building to building in order to upgrade devices. Staff with primary devices in need of upgrading will receive an email from the TSC approximately two to three weeks in advance of these visits.

Faculty/staff secondary devices will be upgraded remotely, overnight, using a scheduled building-by-building plan. This plan will follow the same schedule as staff primary device upgrades. Users with secondary devices needing upgraded will be contacted via email from the TSC approximately two to three weeks prior to the scheduled upgrade(s). 

Please direct any questions regarding the upgrade to the Technology Support Center (TSC).