Here are the most popular FAQs asked during Virtual SOAR Orientation If you have additional questions not covered in this FAQ, please email

You will get an email, if you haven’t already, about signing up for a virtual advising session. It’s important that you follow up and attend this meeting online. Your advisor wants your input about your schedule.

BGSU will offer in-person and online.

You can upload your photo for the card and you will receive it during move-in or our commuter breakfast.

Yes, all students can park on campus, whether they are commuting or living on campus and wanting to keep a car with them. Parking permits can be bought online. Here is a link to Parking Services, which lists prices.

Move-in dates and additional information will be posted on the Office of Residence Life website.

Your advisor will have that information for you. Students with majors in the College of Arts and Sciences usually need to take it.

Yes, please discuss that during your advising session.

Early move-in dates and additional information will be released later this summer on the Office of Residence Life website.

Please email or call the Office of Admissions at 419-372-2478.

Please call the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships at 419-372-2651 or use this secure email portal.

Watch your schedule as other students rearrange their schedules. The change will be reflected there. Most students get into their waitlisted classes.

As an undecided student, you’re a part of the Deciding Student Program. Students in the Deciding Student Program have an academic advisor, just like students who have declared their majors. The scheduling process is the same for you. Make sure you are checking your BGSU email, setting up your voicemail and listening to any messages — your Deciding Student Program advisor might be reaching out to you.

Your transcripts can be sent electronically to[NRA1] This includes high school transcripts and college transcripts.

We recommend waiting until you are on campus because that is when most jobs are posted. When you log in to your MyBGSU account, click on Handshake to see the jobs that are listed.

Please refer to this packing list through the Office of Residence Life.

That’s okay and perfectly normal. Your advisor will work with you and help you graduate in four years if that is still your goal.

You do not have to get a physical. Here is information about BG’s recommended immunizations.

You can use Transferology, but your advisor will talk about that this summer too.

This intramural website will be helpful and you will receive more information when you start at BGSU.

That is entirely up to you, but some students do pursue internships their first year on campus. The Career Center and your advisor can help you with that decision.

As soon as possible. If you have concerns, please email Transcripts will allow you and your advisor to put together a schedule that better reflects what courses you should register for.

Yes, just reach out to your advisor — they will be glad to help. Need help figuring out who your advisor is? Start by calling the Student Orientation, Advising & Registration (SOAR) at 419-372-0353 or emailing

This is a promise to pay your bill, but it does not mean if you owe anything if you choose not to attend BGSU. The FRA must be done before you get a class schedule. Log in to MyBGSU > To Do > Financial Responsibility Agreement.

BGSU does not have an on-campus bookstore, but you can order books through the textbooks site.

We do not recommend that — please work with your advisor.

You can email them through their BGSU email or reach out to for additional guidance.

Reach out to about your particular circumstance — traveling a long distance, etc. This is also a helpful move-in site.

Yes! It’s part of your tuition and fees and you use your student ID card to get in.

It’s not required but you can. Please reference the Math Placement Examination site for next steps.

Yes, the FAFSA is still open and can be filed all year. We also recommend reaching out to our Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at 419-372-2615 if you need help or advice.

Yes, please complete ASAP in your MyBGSU account under Orientation. If you expect to receive a 3 or better on an AP English test or are bringing in college credit for an English or composition class, you do NOT have to write the essay.

The Office of Residence Life will reach out as those rooms become available. Please set up and check your voicemail because that’s where you will get a message that has to be returned.

Learn more about meal plans on the Dining Website or email

Work study means that the government will pay your paycheck if you work on campus. You can apply for any job on-campus at BGSU, not just those listed as work study. If you have work study questions, we recommend calling the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships at 419-372-2615.

The Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships is can be reached at 419-372-2615 about your questions because financial aid is unique to each student.

Yes, we do. We suggest attending a webinar on paying your bill and options.

This must be waived or enrolled in. Go to the Student Insurance Program website for more information.

It issued in your MyBGSU account Dec. 1 and due around Jan. 1. 

Yes, the Learning and Theme Communities website explains which ones are still open and how to apply.