Outstanding Faculty

quality connections to knowledge

At Bowling Green State University, we are proud of our learning-centered campus and ever mindful of maintaining reasonable class sizes for introductory courses. And at the heart of it all are our outstanding faculty. Across all majors, about 900 faculty – the vast majority with the highest degree available in their field – work diligently to blend classroom teaching, research and meaningful experiences to provide a high-quality education for you.

According to the National Survey of Student Engagement, BGSU’s faculty are nationally noted by our students for faculty-student mentoring.  Our first year students benefit from studying in a setting rich with research opportunities, where faculty devote much of their time and energy to teaching and advising undergraduates.

They understand how students learn and are always working toward those “aha!” moments, when their students make the connection between the spoken and written words, and the concept is realized.

They are here to interact with you, challenge you, and help you refine your critical thinking skills as you prepare for lifelong career growth, engaged citizenship and leadership in a global society.

BGSU has a tradition of faculty who consistently demonstrate their dedication to students, teaching and research. In recent years, Master Teacher awards have been presented to instructors who are recognized for their teaching skills, knowledge and connection to students.

Active Learning Environments 

When you first enter our active learning spaces, it hits you immediately - this is not your average college classroom. The tables are round and surrounded by flat-screen television monitors. The instructor isn’t at the front, but in the center of the room. This design creates an environment that is conducive to a range of teaching and learning techniques that put you at the center of the learning process.

Resources beyond books

While faculty are the connections between the lessons and the learners, the University Libraries are the link to a multitude of holdings, collections, databases and services.

In person or online, you will discover the libraries’ collections are expansive, and the available services can be life saving, at least in terms of your academics. In addition to the traditional holdings, we are home to world-renowned special collections that house increasingly rare and valuable treasures. From federal, state and local government documents to centuries-old papers, photographs and news clippings, our resources tell the stories of our rich pasts.

The William T. Jerome Library, fondly called “Club Jerome,” is the epicenter of academic resources as well as a hub for activities from studying and socializing to tutoring and technology assistance. Every year we have thousands of students, faculty, staff and community members visit our libraries, and tens of thousands more access our resources via the libraries’ website.

The FLY Program, a part of the Learning Commons and a BGSU Learning Community, is an individualized academic support program for students with various levels of learning differences and attention challenges. (Additional fees apply)