The Arts


The Arts at BGSU offer a wide variety of programs and specializations in the musical, creative, dramatic and literary arts. In pursuing art-related studies, students have access to myriad opportunities through the College of Musical Arts, the School of Art, the Department of Theatre & Film and the Creative Writing program – and over 100 arts related scholarships to help them achieve their goals. Rigorous instruction is taught by Fulbright and Guggenheim award winning faculty, enveloping students in once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Widely known as one of the country's outstanding collegiate music programs, the College of Musical Arts prepares students to be educators, performers and scholars on an international level. Our alumni hold leading positions in the creation, dissemination and performance of music, and our unique contemporary music program has inspired alumni to Pulitzer and Grammy level achievements. Programs of study include composition, jazz, music education, music history, performance, and world music. Admission into the College of Musical Arts is exclusive and requires an audition.

The School of Art at BGSU is the largest art school in the state of Ohio, with six major divisions – art education, digital arts, 2-D studies, art history, graphic design and 3-D studies. Our degrees support the development of professional studio artists and K-12 art teachers, teaching and curatorial positions in colleges and art museums, and professionals with careers in art-related fields. Admission into the School of Art is competitive, and requires a portfolio review. 

In the Department of Theatre & Film, our majors are actively involved in all aspects of production and performance – a key facet in future success. With numerous high-profile campus and community performance opportunities each year, students are in the spotlight the moment they walk in our door. Comprised of two distinct disciplines and housed in the renowned Wolfe Center for the Arts, we foster the development of the scholar-artist-citizen, through both practical and inquiry-based learning. 

The Creative Writing program at Bowling Green State University is one of the oldest and most successful writing programs in the nation, with hundreds of publications, award-winning books, and major prizes to its credit. Our students engage in rigorous training in the art of writing, developing their skills in preparation for a variety of post-graduate careers in industry, publishing, and teaching, as well as in literary authorship.

BGSU Bonus

Beyond degrees and studies, the The Arts at BGSU offer diverse and interactive experiences on campus for students and the community alike. More than 400 cultural events take place on campus throughout the year. With us, you will experience an immersive campus arts culture found only at a university with the strength of programs like BGSU’s. 

You’ll be able to perform in our new Wolfe Center for the Arts, or you may volunteer in arts outreach opportunities for children such as the Saturday Art program and Treehouse Troupe. Music majors can engage with the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, an internationally recognized program of contemporary music performance and composition, and creative writing students will write, edit and publish Prairie Margins, the award-winning literary journal.

Interested in the social side? Students interested in living in with like-minded individuals should take a look at the Arts Village and Batchelder music living communities, or get involved in some of our over 55 art focused student organizations.

Career Options

An arts degree from BGSU develops future educators, writers, artists, composers and performers, preparing them for competitive creative industries where only the most talented succeed. 

Our degrees also prepare students for careers in highly sought-after fields many might not be aware of, such as arts management, publishing, multi-media and animation, art therapy, video game design, festival organization, film acquisition and distribution, and entertainment law.


  • Jennifer Higdon ’86, Grammy Award-winning composer
  • D.J. Hoek ’96, head music librarian at Northwestern University Music Library, one of the nation’s largest music research libraries
  • Hunter Grant ’99, animator with Blizzard Entertainment
  • Kathryn Metz ’01, education instructor at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland