Pre-Professional Programs


Our Office of Pre-professional Programs is designed to help you focus your undergraduate career in anticipation of attending a professional school.  They provide specific guidance in preparation, selection, and application to post-graduate professional opportunities.

Our students in pre-medicine not only take the classes required for admission to medical school, but also choose a major in a specific subject matter area. So, you can major in art and still go to medical school as long as you have 1) successfully completed the courses required for admission to medical school, 2) a strong GPA in science as well as overall GPA and 3) demonstrated a dedicated interest in health care delivery.

Pre-osteopathic medicine is especially patient-oriented and focuses on holistic treatment of the whole person – mind, body, and sense of well-being. Osteopathic medicine also has another treatment modality—Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine —which is a form of muscular-skeletal manipulation that is used both for diagnosis
and treatment.

Depending upon backgrounds and interests there are numerous ways students can prepare for dental school through BGSU’s pre-dentistry program. Dentistry schools often expect students to have a bachelor’s degree before entering, although a few well-prepared students may be admitted after three years of undergraduate work.

Students also have the opportunity to enroll in several years of pre-pharmacy courses in preparation to transfer. Nationally, schools and colleges of pharmacy offer six-year programs leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

BGSU offers courses for students interested in a pre-veterinary medicine program. Many alumni are practicing veterinary medicine in Ohio. Nearly all of our alumni who entered veterinary medicine school immediately after graduation earned D.V.M. degrees at The Ohio State University.

Our pre-law track offers you the skills, focus and broad-based education that will steer you toward success at the top law schools in the country. The pre-law program provides a competitive edge by combining challenging and varied courses, specially designed advising for our students, and the involvement of leading University alumni in the field of law.

Pre-engineering is a one- to three-year program within the physics department at BGSU. After completion, you may decide to transfer to an engineering college to complete professional training, or due to the strong science-mathematics base, you may opt to move into any one of several science-oriented majors at BGSU.

BGSU Bonus

All of the pre-professional programs at BGSU have associated student organizations, and many of them offer undergraduate research opportunities.

BGSU Community

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Residential Community (NHSRC)

Career Options

Many BGSU graduates in our pre-professional programs go on to prestigious graduate and professional schools in Ohio and across the nation.


  • Dr. Nick Pfleghaar ’02, doctor at Davinci Medical 
  • Betty Montgomery ‘70,  (BA, English), attorney with MacMurray, Petersen & Shuster LLP in Columbus, Ohio, first female Ohio Attorney General, former State Auditor, and BGSU Board of Trustees member
  • Jack Williams Jr. ’79, partner in the law firm Womble Carly Sandridge & Rice