Humanities, Languages and International Cultures


When you study culture and society, you examine every day behaviors, widely held beliefs, images and objects in our everyday lives, and our diverse and increasingly global community. Studying in one of these areas hones your critical thinking skills, one of the most important talents needed for careers in the 21st century.

Students who are interested in working with people, improving our society or researching social structures that affect our daily lives can choose from a number of majors at BGSU such as American culture, ethnic studies, English, history, international studies, languages, philosophy, political science, popular culture, sociology, and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.

At BGSU, students have many opportunities to “internationalize” their education ranging from formal academic study to personal contacts and extracurricular activities.

BGSU Bonus

Students interested in learning about or experiencing international cultures may choose to live in one of the learning communities such as La Comunidad, Global Village or La Maison Francaise. BGSU also has one of the most extensive collections of American popular culture in the Pat and Ray Brown Library for Popuar Culture Studies. This collection allows you to not only learn about different aspects of American culture, but also experience it. An internship can provide a great opportunity for helping you explore and prepare for a career while sharpening your job-seeking skills and obtaining real-world experience to list on your resume.

Many students are required to complete an internship or co-op as part of their degree. Why not seek a position abroad? Even if you are not required to complete an internship as part of your degree, gaining work experience abroad within your field of study will boost your resume and give you the opportunity to have an experience unlike any other. There are literally hundreds of opportunities for you to work, volunteer and teach abroad, both before and after graduation.

Getting involved in student organizations and events is one of the best ways to network and learn about your area of interest. Students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities ranging from language clubs, honor societies and learning communities to national and international magazines, conferences and workshops.


BGSU Communities

  • Arts Village
  • Chapman Community@Kohl
  • Global Village
  • La Comunidad
  • La Maison Française

Career Opportunities

Students who study humanities, languages and cultures can enter a wide variety of professions including business, law, education, public policy, politics/government/lobbying, writing, philanthropy, tourism, counseling, diversity training and consulting, and human resources.


  • Arnold Rampersad ’67, ’68 | biographer and literary critic known for profiling W.E.B. DuBois, Langston Hughes, Arthur Ashe and Jackie Robinson
  • Kayla Williams ’97 | linguist and former intelligence specialist in the United States Army who wrote her experiences of the 2003 Iraq invasion in her book “Love My Rifle More Than You”
  • Anthony Doerr ’99, award-winning fiction writer and columnist for the Boston Globe
  • Carolyn Forché ‘75, poet, editor, translator, and human rights advocate
  • Eileen O’Neill ‘90, master’s in popular culture - group president of Discovery and TLC Networks