Architecture, Construction and Applied Design


If you have an eye for form, shape and structure in the world, you have a foundation for a career in architecture and environmental design, construction management, interior design or visual communication technology.

At BGSU you will be able to develop technical knowledge and skills, and cultivate professional values and leadership abilities for success in these industries. BGSU offers a number of majors that explore the world of architecture, construction and applied design.

Architecture and environmental design is a pre-professional program for students interested in designing buildings and ensuring they are safe, functional, economical and suit the needs of the people who use them.

Construction management is about more than building; it is about leading in the rapidly expanding field of construction. Students receive a blend of course work and real-life experiences that include academic work in the classroom, hands-on application of concepts in laboratory settings and real-world cooperative education experiences with construction businesses.

Interior design is the aesthetic interpretation and organization of space, human activity and experience. Students interested in studying interior design enjoy creating exciting spaces that enhance quality of life, support human behavior and work processes, and boost productivity and efficiency. This profession is a nexus of art, technology and science.

BGSU’s visual communication technology (VCT) major is a cross-media program for students who are interested in creative and technical problem-solving involving print, photography, video and interactive media. Learning includes classroom-based theory and hands-on practice in up-to-date labs, plus the opportunity to work with dedicated faculty who have real-world experiences to share.

The apparel merchandising and product development program prepares future professionals for exciting, challenging and fast-paced careers in the fashion industry. The four-year program of study includes fashion forecasting, apparel buying and merchandising, textiles and textile product analysis, product development and global issues in apparel and textiles.

The BGSU Bonus

All of these programs have the opportunity for hands-on learning options through co-ops and internships. In addition, these programs have state-of-the-art design and construction studios. From professional organizations to study abroad programs, you can extend your classroom knowledge and skills into real-world experiences.

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Career Options

Students majoring in architecture often pursue careers as architects or related positions such as urban designers, computer-aided designers or historic preservationists, while students with a degree in construction management go on to jobs with contractors, engineering and architectural firms, public agencies and trade associations. As the demand for quality housing and commercial facilities rises, interior designers are finding many opportunities for creative design positions. Graduates of the VCT program go on to careers as Web designers/developers, graphic designers, project managers, digital or studio photographers, videographers/video technicians and print production specialists. In apparel merchandising and product development, students are prepared for a wide variety of career options including retail management, marketing and fashion forecasting.


  • Bradley Brown ‘81, corporate accounts manager at Anderson & Vreeland, an international firm specializing in the flexographic industry
  • Rick Kusmer ’82, senior project manager for Mosser Construction, a major Toledo, Ohio-based construction firm
  • Judy Sharp McFarland ’82, president of Thread Information Design, a fully integrated marketing communications firm
  • Sarah (Slowey) Sichko
’97, district manager for Teknion, an international manufacturer of office furniture systems