UPAS Summer Bridge Program

UPAS Summer Bridge Program

June 25 - 27, 2019 + SOAR Date (June 28 or June 29)

University Program for Academic Success (UPAS)

If you struggled in high school, but are committed to earning a college degree, BGSU's UPAS is here to help! UPAS offers a series of resources and programs. Specifically, the UPAS summer program has been designed to jumpstart your success and provide essential tools for building a strong foundation throughout your academic journey. The program will provide exclusive opportunities for participants only and will conclude with your S.O.A.R. date.


UPAS Summer Registration

  • Free overnight program
  • Attend SOAR June 28 or 29
  • Additional accommodations available

About the Summer Program sun

We’re delighted you have committed to BGSU and are looking forward to having you on our beautiful campus during our summer bridge program. When you attend this FREE overnight program, we will familiarize you with campus and show you the ways BGSU will help you succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

The program will end with you completing your Fall 2019 class schedule at Student Orientation, Advising & Retention (SOAR) on Friday, June 28 or Saturday, June 29 (depending on availability).

Accomodations: This summer program is free... which means all lodging, meals and materials provided during the program for students. Families are welcome to request lodging at an additional cost for the night of June 27 with an included breakfast before attending SOAR with their student. You will be able to make these preferences in the registration form. 

Program Benefits

This Free Program is designed to make the transition into University life as smooth as possible. The program features:

  • Exclusive meetings with BGSU senior leadership
  • Guided exploration of majors and career goals
  • Introduction of academic success strategies related to time management and note-taking skills
  • Interaction with successful upper-class students
  • Chance to navigate campus, dining halls, Student Recreation Center and the Perry Field House
  • Build friendships
  • Participate in a service event 
  • The program is free for UPAS Students. UPAS Parents are welcome to register for a hybrid-hotel room with conference services on the final day of the program before SOAR. 

How to Register  

  • Register here. - Filling out the registration will sign you up for the summer program and SOAR.
  • Students not attending the UPAS summer program MUST register for SOAR separately through MyBGSU*
  • Watch your e-mail for “next steps” for fall enrollment?

*If you are unable to attend the Summer Bridge Program, please contact our office to make other arrangements as the summer bridge program is a requirement for UPAS students. 


Students who have any questions or wish to withdraw their registration contact Kari Jo Storm.