University Program for Academic Success (UPAS)

If you struggled in high school, but are committed to earning a college degree, BGSU's University Program for Academic Success (UPAS) is here to help!

You may be considered for conditional admission in UPAS if your academic performance was inconsistent in high school. Admission to the program is selective, but not as selective as the typical fall and spring admission.

Working Together

This program is designed to give you individualized academic support to assist you in making a successful transition to the University environment. UPAS students may select tutoring services from the Learning Commons, receive extensive academic advising, carefully select courses and participate in a bridge experience. You are also assigned an advisor who meets with you regularly to track your academic progress and provide additional support resources as needed.

On Your Way

After your first semester, you must earn Good Standing status (minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA) in order to transfer out of the UPAS program and be officially admitted to BGSU.  At that point, you can declare your major and transfer to your major/college, provided you have achieved the College program minimum GPA.