Thompson Family Scholars
2016-17 Academic Year highlights

Thanks to the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson through the Thompson Scholarship for Working Families, fifty BGSU students have had the opportunity to get involved, make a difference, and accomplish great things over the past academic year! This newsletter highlights just some of those academic achievements, service opportunities, personal accomplishments, and expressions of thanks to the Thompsons for helping to make dreams a reality. 

The Thompson Family Scholars 2016 Cohort enjoyed meeting Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson during BGSU’s October 2016 Homecoming!

Thompson Working Family Scholar Graduate

Chelsea Adams (2014)
bachelor of fine arts in creative writing

Congratulations to our first Thompson Working Family Scholar Graduate! Chelsea graduated a year early, earning Magma Cum Laude with a 3.86 grade point average. Chelsea will begin a position through Americorps in July as a City Year Member with Columbus Public Schools. She eventually plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in School Counseling.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for the opportunity that your scholarship has given me to receive a higher education, so that I may go on to use my skills and knowledge to also give back and have a positive impact on future generations to come.


Total GPA Average: 3.304

  • GPA Average - 2014 Cohort:  3.591
  • GPA Average - 2015 Cohort:  3.584
  • GPA Average - 2016 Cohort:  3.086

Total number above 3.0 cum GPA: 37/46 (80%)

Total number above 3.5 cum GPA: 16/46 (34%)

Students with 4.0 semester GPAs:

  • Fall 2016:  Nine scholars: Chelsea Adams (2014), Sarah Adams (2014), Ben Case (2014), Olivia Johnson (2014), Jenna Bartholomew (2015), Elizabeth Keller (2015), Abdijibar Abas (2016), Kylie Dible (2016), Madyson Gabriele (2016)
  • Spring 2017:  Seven scholars: Chelsea Adams (2014), Sarah Adams (2014), Olivia Johnson (2014), Jenna Bartholomew (2015), Elizabeth Keller (2015), Megan Martin (2015), Bonnie Bailey (2016)

Dean’s List:

  • Fall 2016:  12 scholars: Chelsea Adams (2014), Sarah Adams (2014), Ben Case (2014), Olivia Johnson (2014), Courtney Keeney (2014), Jenna Bartholomew (2015), Elizabeth Keller (2015), Megan Martin (2015), Abdijibar Abas (2016), Angela Harris (2016), Oshionna Lee-Hicks (2016), Alexis Willis (2016)
  • Spring 2017:  13 scholars: Chelsea Adams (2014), Sarah Adams (2014), Ben Case (2014), Candace DuBetz (2014), Melissa Dureiko (2014), Olivia Johnson (2014), Shannon Turner (2014), Jenna Bartholomew (2015), Samantha Gronow (2015), Megan Harnish (2015), Elizabeth Keller (2015), Micah Ellsberry (2016), Alexis Willis (2016)


Rachel Cooper (2014 Cohort)

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, Tax Intern, January-May 2017

Rachel Cooper

This internship has allowed me the opportunity to build myself in a professional manner. I have gained insight on what Tax Accounting is all about, and now am able to carry this knowledge forward in the future. The connections I have made with people in my workplace have helped me gain a sense on where I want my career path to go.

Megan Martin (2015 Cohort) 

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Merchandise Cast Member, January-July 2017

Doing the Disney College Program has made me more confident in both my personal and professional life. I feel so much more prepared for my career after my college program because of the professional guidance and leadership skills that I have gained.

Darcy Edinger (2015 Cohort)

2-Scale, Graphic Design Intern, August-March

Research involvement

Shannon Turner (2014 Cohort) 

Newall Glacier Nucleic Acid Analysis

  • Presented poster at the Undergraduate Symposium for Research and Scholarship
  • The project consisted of extracting, sequencing, and analyzing any possible nucleic acids that could be removed from an ice core from very deep within Lake Vostok, Antarctica.

Secured summer internship with Dayton Crime Lab

Sarah Adams
(2014 Cohort)

Research looking at “Project Based Learning in Math”

Jenna Bartholomew

(2015 Cohort)

Research assistant for Professor Stinson looking at “Cop Crimes”

Kristy Brooks
(2014 Cohort)

Group presented at the Psychology Research Symposium

Candace DuBetz
(2014 Cohort)

Presented research on "Is there evidence to suggest that athletic performance is altered due to sleep deprivation?" at the Ohio Athletic Trainer's Association Annual Meeting at Kalahari on May 13th.

Community Service

1,031 reported service hours for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

Examples: Wood County Humane Society; Literacy in the Park; Disney VoluntEARS playground build; St. Thomas More Church Food Pantry; Red Cross Blood Drive; Rally Cap Sports; Friday Night Lights; BG Parks and Rec Events; Wood Lane; Black Swamp Arts Festival; and many more.

Service has always been one of my strongest values. However, it wasn’t until I came to college that I understood why I was doing it. Volunteering goes far beyond building a resume. It’s about giving back to a community that needs help. It’s about changing lives.

Melissa Dureiko (2014 Cohort)

11 participated in Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of my role models and I felt that I needed to participate (in the MLK Jr. Day of Service) to continue his legacy and help the community. That whole experience was very special to me because I’m very passionate about helping people in need. I worked painting bookcases for La Conexion, an organization in Bowling Green that provides services and support for Latino families in the area.

Courtney Keeney (2014 Cohort)

Bonnie Bailey (2016 Cohort)

Volunteered at Literacy in the Park on April 29, 2017

Michael Davis (2016 Cohort)

Volunteered at Court Street Connects Festival on April 22, 2017

Candace DuBetz
(2014 Cohort)

Volunteered at check-in for Literacy in the Park on April 29, 2017

Rebekah Eversole
(2015 Cohort)


Chi Omega hosted their annual “Moonball” glow in the dark volleyball tournament on February 23, 2017, to raise money for Make-A-Wish. They raised over $1000 at the event and also have an anonymous donor match their contribution.

Courtney Keeney
(2014 Cohort)

Worked with painting bookcases for La Conexion, an organization in Bowling Green that provides services and support for Latino families in the area.

Elizabeth Keller
(2015 Cohort)

Participated in Relay for Life on November 19, 2016

Oshionna Lee-Hicks
(2016 Cohort)

Participated in BG Alternative Fall Break

[far right] Went to Detroit to do community service with a social service agency, Cass, and community service nonprofit, Blight Buster. Served food at Cass shelter and helped them clean up the community. With Blight Busters helped tear down an abandoned garage and the yard of an abandoned house.

Austin Thurman
(2016 Cohort)

[far right] Coached 1st and 2nd grade boys Upward Bound Basketball Team; program promotes developing young athletes mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially

"Mentor Connections" - Aviation Majors

Kylie Dible, Lukas Rodriguez, Andrew Betts, Tyler Brezina

BGSU Aviation Alum Charles Mayer '11 was invited to speak with the four Thompson Family Scholar Aviation Majors (all 2016 cohort members) on March 24, 2017. He shared about his experience as an aviation major and his pathway to his position as a pilot with Delta.

Personal Accomplishments/Involvement

Thompson Family Scholars are making an impact as active members and leaders in numerous organizations across campus, as well as in their places of employment. Examples include: Hall Councils and Learning Communities; Student Ambassadors for their majors; Faith-based student organizations; Homecoming Steering Committee; BGSU Dance Team; Black Student Union; Honor Societies; SMART; Intramurals; Greek Life and Panhellenic Council; Student Media; Service-based organizations; Rally Cap Sports; and many more! 

Andrew Betts (2016 Cohort)

After 1st Solo Flight

Tyler Brezina (2016 Cohort)

Will canoe all 981 miles of the Ohio River participating in Race the River “Paddle for Prevention” to raise awareness and fundraising for mental health issues and suicide prevention

Ben Case (2014 Cohort)

With Mr. and Mrs. Thompson celebrating their Lifetime Achievement Award during fall of 2016.

Courtney Cooper (2016 Cohort)

Shakes hands with the Sargent following taking oath/swearing in for the Air National Guard on March 29, 2017

Kylie Dible (2016 Cohort)

After 1st Solo Flight

Navier Grimes (2015 Cohort)

Reports on “The Royal Runway” for her own YouTube Channel: The Navi Network. In addition to building her own “brand”, Navier, a journalism major, also gets hands-on experience as a Talk Show Co-host for one of the BGSU radio stations. She is also a member of the BGSU Dance Team, which placed 18 at Nationals (UDA National Dance Team Competition)/#1 in the MAC Division.

Candace DuBetz
(2014 Cohort)

Competed and placed fourth in the NPC All-Natural Body Building Competition 4/1

Jade Hernandez
(2016 Cohort)

Attended the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute in Chicago

Courtney Keeney
(2014 Cohort)

Selected to attend the Mock United Nations Conference in Chicago

Alexis Willis
(2016 Cohort)

Promoted to Supervisor at Sbarro’s

Thank You for Making This Possible!

Being a disabled Veteran I have been unsure as to what the future will hold for myself and my family. There are certain things I am unable to do and when I timed out of my military benefits this February, I had accepted that I would be unable to pursue my dreams and achieve my degree. Your kindness and gift of a scholarship has given me the ability to follow my dreams and show my family to never give up. My future is no longer unknown and I can show my children there is always a way to overcome adversity. Thank you so very much for all you have done for me.

Bonnie Bailey, 2016 Thompson Family Scholar

I’m glad I received this scholarship because the value that comes with the scholarship is much more than just being happy to have received money. This scholarship has several requirements that come along with it such as volunteer work, writing letters, and keeping up my grades. I believe this is a good thing because it teaches students that money doesn’t just get handed to you; you need to work for it. The scholarship teaches us to be more responsible, helpful, and makes us a better person.

Ryan Talbert (2016 Cohort)

No one thinks that city kids will do anything with themselves after high school but you ensured that I would be doing something and for this opportunity I will forever be thankful to you. Your funding has not been taken for granted.

Jade Hernandez (2016 Cohort)

Thompson Family Scholarship Programs

292 Hayes Hall (moving this summer to 101 University Hall)
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Mary Kay Inkrott, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services, Thompson Family Scholarship Programs