BGSU: A Community of Care

At BGSU, a community of care means that Falcons do not struggle alone. To achieve and sustain this community, it is essential that its members feel a responsibility for the well-being of others within the community.  

The CARE Team

The Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team serves as an umbrella group to promote, through early intervention and information sharing, the health and safety of the campus community by identifying students, faculty, staff and visitors at risk to themselves and/or others, as well as situations that pose risk to members of the campus community; and to develop, coordinate, and track the response plans.

In an effort to instill and enhance a safe campus environment, its members strive to identify and intervene with situations that threaten the well-being of an individual or of the community as a whole.

Because the team is comprised of representatives from across campus, interventions can be tailored to each unique situation, and may include supportive outreach and referrals, advocacy, student conduct proceedings, and/or a law enforcement response.

Reporting an incident to the Office of the Dean of Students

Visit the Dean of Students website and select the "Report an Incident" link to file a complaint alleging a Bowling Green State University student has demonstrated a behavior of concern you would like to bring to the attention of the Office of the Dean of Students and the CARE Team.

What happens when you report your concerns?

Every report received by the Office of the Dean of Students or BGSU Police is taken seriously and is reviewed on a case by case basis. In many instances, these concerns are shared with members of the CARE Team. 

Depending on the nature of the concern it is not always possible to provide you with an update regarding action taken.

Please know that your concern has not been ignored and is being addressed!

  • Educate yourself about how to assist students in distress
  • Learn about campus resources
  • Speak to the student about your concern
  • Share your concerns with your department leadership and others who can help
  • Take threats seriously
  • When in doubt, consult!
  • Drastic change in academic performance, cognitive functioning, personality, weight, hygiene, energy level, or habits
  • Social isolation
  • Mood swings/agitation
  • Misuse of alcohol/drugs
  • Verbal/written threats of harm to self or others
  • Acts of aggression