Current Scholars

Upcoming McNair Scholars Summer Research Institute 2012

Ashley Brown
Major:  Psychology and Biology

LaQuinda Butler
Major:  Business Administration

Jessica Coleman
Major:  Psychology

Kiara Kenerly
Major:  Accounting

Shawn Lopez
Major:  Art and Electronics

Nijya Saffo
Major:  Athletic Training / Pre Physical Therapy

Ashley Schroeder
Major:  Psychology

Tiffany Smith
Major:  Psychology

Amber Stultz
Major:  Human Development and Family Studies

Azzia Thompson
Major:  Applied Health Science

Patrice Wiley
Major:  Psychology

McNair Scholars Summer Research Institute 2011

Derris Cameron
Major:  Economics and Sociology
“Do It Yourself”:  Consumption, Identity and Community Within the DIY Subculture
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Margaret Weinberger

Curtis Doster
Major:  Economics
The Ups and Downs of a Dynasty:  The Failure and Comeback of Chrysler Corporation
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Mary Ellen Benedict

Kendra Gorman
Major:  Psychology
Improving Schools:  Predicting Aggressive Behavior by Time of Day
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Carolyn Tompsett

Mary Guillermo
Major:  International Studies
“I’m not Black, I’m Dominican”: Globalization’s Role in the Erasure of “Blackness” in Dominican-American Novels
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Federico Chalupa

Alexis Huckabee
Major:  Chemistry
Preventing Cancer:  Chemical Modification of the Green Tea Antioxidant Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Thomas Kinstle

Amber Jordan
Major:  Psychology
Academic Success in Athletes:  Faculty Interaction Between Black and White Male Athletes and its Effect on Academic Achievement
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Steve Jex

Ali Kirkpatrick
Major:  Finance and Economics
Cash for Gold:  Determining the Safest Protection for the Declining U.S. Dollar
Faculty Mentor:   John Reing

Adeya Pinnix
Major:  Psychology and Women’s Studies
The Truth Behind Closed Doors: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Young Black Women’s Romantic Relationships
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Sarah Rainey

Katy Roth
Major:  Psychology
Female Criminals:  The Roles of Gender, Race, Family and Environment
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Ray Swisher

Antonio Smith
Major:  Biology
Characterization of Clinical Strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa via Serotyping and Antibiotic Susceptibility
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Roudabeh Jamasbi

Ashley Strickland
Major:  Psychology
College Hook Ups:  The Effects of Parental Monitoring and Communication on College Students’ Sexual Risk-Taking
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Monica Longmore

Gabrial Taylor
Major:  Psychology
Predicting College Success by Examining High School and Concurrent Variables
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Eric Dubow

Devin Trevathan
Major:  Communication
Factors Influencing Religious College Students’ Decisions About Premarital Sex
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Carney Strange

McNair Scholars Summer Research Institute 2010

Elizabeth Ball
Major:  Biology
IL-Iβ Down-Regulates Thioredoxin-Interacting Protein Expression in Rat Retinal Neuronal and Müller Cells
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Steve Abcouwer

Quanisha Burnett
Major:  Applied Health Science
T.U.G. of War:  Assessing the Battle between Aging and Functional Mobility
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Steve Langendorfer

Derris Cameron
Major:  Economics and Sociology
The Digital Divide: Inconsistent Masculinity within Social Networking Sites
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Gene Poor

Amy-Eunice Furcron
Major:  Biology
Patient Perceptions of Cancer Treatment Effectiveness:  A Qualitative Inquiry
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Roudabeh Jamasbi

Bianca Hart
Major:  Psychology
Sugar and Spice and Nothing Nice:  Caloric Intake of College Students Related to Living Arrangements
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Julian Williford

Mercedes Hendrickson
Major:  Psychology
Future Fathers? College Males’ Perceptions of Fatherhood
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Anne Gordon

Lendi Joy
Major:  Psychology
Links between Risk-Taking and Self-Esteem Among Emerging Adults
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Carolyn Tompsett

Natasha Lee
Major:  Middle Childhood Education
Music in the Classroom
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Angela Thomas

Jessica Patrick
Major:  Spanish
That’s Just My Baby Mama:  Representations of Single Black Motherhood in the 1990s
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Maisha Wester

Ashley Porter
Major:  Film Studies
Giving Them Voices:  Four Prominent Women Filmmakers During the Silent Film Era
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Cynthia Baron

Jeffrey White
Major:  Psychology
Latino Greeks in Higher Education:  Exploration of Educational and Familial Issues
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Ruben Viramontez Aguiano

McNair Scholars Summer Research Institute 2009

Brian A. Greer
Major:  Biology/Pre-Med
Amphetamine Response in Crayfish Related with Addiction
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Robert Huber, Biology

Elliot McDougle
Major: Biology / Pre-Pharmacy

Relationships between Motor Skill Competence, Physical Fitness, and Physical Activity

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steve Langendorfer, HMLS

Krystal K. Owens

Major:  Social Work
Teen Women Coping with Death of Mother

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dafina Lazarus Stewart, Higher Education and Student Affairs

Jarell S. Potts

Major: Political Science / Sociology

Interracial Marriages: Variations in Income Levels Among Different Ethnic Pairings

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Wendy Manning, Sociology

Austin C. Williams
Major: Psychology

Hip-Hop as a Dialect: Progression of African American Vernacular English through Music

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Hare, Psychology

Elaina C. Williams
Major: Applied Health Science

Relationships Among Jumping Coordination Patterns: Distance, Height, and Weight
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steve Langendorfer