TRIO COVID-19 Student Resources

Dear TRIO Students,

We hope that you are staying healthy and adjusting to our new online environment in the efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. The TRIO Program staff has been moving quickly to adjust to working remotely by using an online platform. We have transitioned many of our services online to continue providing you with assistance in advising, tutoring, and connections to services that will help you continue experiencing success at BGSU. 

Most of our services will remain the same; however, we will be using a combination of an online service provided by TutorOcean for BGSU TRIO to deliver advising, mentoring, and tutoring services to you. We will also be using WebEx or Zoom as well as email, text, and phone calls to ensure that you get the services you need.

Please see details below on connecting with the following services.

Please CHECK YOUR BGSU EMAIL REGULARLY for updates from TRIO, your faculty members and other members of BGSU.

Create Account or Log In to Access TRIO Tutors, Mentors, & Advisors

TRIO TutorOcean Page

1.     To access services, you will need to log into your BGSU TutorOcean account

2.     Click on the “Search” button.

3.     Type in advisor or mentor in the search window then select your advisor or mentor from the list.

4.     Click “View Profile” to open their profile.

5.     Click the “Book Session” to schedule an appointment.

6.     Select the time duration you would like to meet (30 minutes or 1 hour) clicking on the preferred time and then select the time slot from the advisors or mentor’s availability.

7.     Next, fill in the box for what you need help.

8.     You may also upload attachments if you need to share anything with your advisor for the advising session.

9.     Finally, click the book session button to schedule your appointment which will notify your advisor of the session.

Need a Tutor?

1.     Complete the tutor request form attached to this email and send it to Nancy Rife at

2.     Jennifer Twu, our tutor coordinator, will contact you to let you know who you will be working with to receive tutoring.  You may reach Jennifer at with any questions you may have about SSS tutoring.  Sue Zwayer, our writing specialist, can be reached at if you have questions about receiving writing assistance.

Already have a tutor?

1.     Log into your BGSU TutorOcean account.

2.     Click on the “Search” button.

3.     Type in the course name and number (ie. ECON 2020) in the search window, then click “search” button.

4.     Click “View Profile” to open the profile of your assigned tutor.

5.     Click the “Book Session” to schedule a tutor session with the tutor during their available times.

6.     Once in the schedule window, click to select the subject/course, amount of time needed (30 minutes or 1 hour), and select your preferred time and time slot.

7.     Next, fill in the box for what you need help.

8.     Upload or email any attachments that you need to share anything with your tutor.

(assignment details, or problems, etc.).

9.     Finally, click the “Book Session” button to schedule your tutoring appointment which will notify your tutor of the session.

BGSU Student Emergency Fund

The student emergency fund provides financial support, exceeding no more than $500, to BGSU students who experience an accident, illness, financial hardship, or other emergency situation that may jeopardize their ability to continue their education.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the University is prioritizing requests related to housing and food, as well as Wi-Fi support during the online learning period. The eligibility has also been updated to remove the GPA and conduct standing requirements in an effort to support as many students as possible. Request are reviewed daily and determinations are made on a case-by-case basis.

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