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If you are in immediate danger or need to seek medical assistance call 911 or BGSU Police at 419-372-2346

You do not have to report the incident, but if you decide that reporting the incident would be best for you we have provided you three options within the community. All three options will be able to speak with you about the resources available to support you within the community too.

If you feel more comfortable reporting an incident with a confidential source/advocate, the Cocoon Shelter provides confidential advocates that can go with you to make an initial report or to any follow up meetings. You can get a hold of them at 419-373-1730 and ask for a campus advocate.

Student Reporting Form: Student Conduct

Office of the Dean of Students
301 Bowen-Thompson Student Union
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Phone: 419-372-2843

File a Report

If a report is filed that involved sexual harassment or sexual violence, the individual reporting may be requested to speak with the Case Manager, or Title IX Deputy, to gather more information, to review what the next steps will look like, and for the Complainant to be informed of support resources available. This additional information that the Associate Dean of Students, or designee, will share include reasonable adjustment availabilities on-campus to ensure that the Complainant is safe inside and outside the classroom, and for them to review other reporting options available within the community.

One important thing to understand, that will be explained further by the Case Manager, or Title IX Deputy, is that the standard of proof for this process is preponderance of evidence, which can also be expressed as more likely than not or 50+1.

With some incidents there are concerns regarding potential pregnancy, STIs, confidentiality, reporting, and a collection of evidence. The Wood County hospital can assist those type of incidents within 96 hours of an incident with the collection of evidence by a specially trained SANE nurse. After collecting the evidence, Wood County Hospital will release it to either the Campus Police or City police depending on the location of the incident. This collection of evidence by a SANE nurse will provide for more accurate reporting and will allow for the information to be properly stored to be used now or at a later time. Wood County Hospital, in addition to the Falcon Health Center, can provide treatment for STI’s, emergency contraceptives, toxicology screens, and referrals to counseling on or off campus. See below for the contact information for the Wood County Hospital and the Falcon Health Center.

Wood County Hospital
950 W. Wooster St.
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Phone: 419-354-8900

Falcon Health Center
838 E. Wooster St.
Bowling Green, OH 43402 
Phone: 419-372-2271


Faculty & Staff Reporting Form: Office of Human Resources

1851 N. Research Drive
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
: 419-372-8421

File a Report


Law Enforcement

BGSU Police
001 College Park
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Phone: 419-372-2346 (non-emergency number)
911 (emergency number)

File a Report

Bowling Green State University has its own Police Department on campus that protects the campus community, but there is also the Bowling Green Police Department that has jurisdiction over the local community and serves as the Bowling Green municipal police. Both departments protect the community against violence and can support individuals after a crime as occurred.  If you feel that you are in immediate danger it is always recommended to call 911 or the local police line for more accurate tracking and response.

Depending where an incident occurs, the differing jurisdictions of each department may impact who will respond to investigate the crime, but both set of law enforcement officers enforce state and federal laws. It is important to understand that some laws have an associated time limit, or statute of limitations, governing how long after an alleged crime a person may be prosecuted. However, you are always encouraged to report a crime since you will not know what each of these limitations are unless you call to make the report.

These law enforcement officers are highly trained and can refer you to support services within the community. They are a great resource and will strive to help maintain safety after a crime as occurred.

Updated: 01/02/2024 01:59PM