Who do I go to if I want to file a report?

You should go to the Office of Title IX, Residence Life, Office of the Dean of Students, or the BGSU Police Department. All faculty are mandatory reports and are prepared to report whatever your share.  Depending on what is being reported and where it took place, BGSU may assist with contacting other police agencies on your behalf. If you are looking to talk to someone without filing a formal report, Counseling Services is the outlet for a confidential report.

Does the report remain confidential?

Information is handled sensitively and we attempt to maintain privacy, but as the situation will be investigated, confidentiality cannot be maintained.

Will my parents or family be told?

We will not inform parents, family, or advisor without your consent and a signed FERPA release. However, please keep your health insurance in mind, as we have had cases where the insurance holder is notified by the hospital if treatment is sought out.

Where can I find support and will I have to pay for it?

You can find support through Counseling Services, Psychological Support Services, the Center for Women and Gender Equity, the Center for Violence Prevention and Education, the Case Management area within the Office of the Dean of Students, The Cocoon, and many other sources. There is no charge for any of these services.

What happens if I file a formal report?

The Office of the Dean of Students will contact you to see how you are, connect you with resources (such as counseling and academic advising), and find out if you are interested in going through the investigation process (when applicable). In certain cases, the University must investigate even if the reporting party does not wish to proceed. The intake officer will explain all of this. If there is an active police investigation, there are times when the University must hold until the police have turned the case over to the Office of the Dean of Students or Office of Title IX.

Will I be “punished” when reporting a sexual misconduct violation if I was using drugs or alcohol?

No. We have a medical amnesty policy which means that we will not pursue Code of Conduct violations when working with the Office of Title IX.

Can I have an attorney help me with the report?

Yes. You may have the advisor of your choice.

Can I file a criminal report at the same time I file a report with the University?


Will my report be investigated if I initiated physical contact but didn’t consent to having sex?


What happens if I am reporting on behalf of a friend who does not want to come forward?

Ideally, before coming forward you should try to explain to your friend all of the benefits of coming forward. Most importantly, explain your concern and that by coming forward we can help with resources. If you cannot get them to come forward, we would still attempt to contact that friend. They would still have the right to tell us that they do not wish to proceed with any actions. Regardless of what happens, you will know that you have done the right thing for your friend.

Updated: 01/02/2024 02:01PM