JORDYN KUEMERLE (2017) served in many leadership roles across campus during her time at BGSU. She also completed her Honors Project “Exploring the World Around You: A Guide to Learning About the Natural World.

This scholarship has really allowed me to grow personally and professionally as I have taken on new roles and experiences in order to serve the Bowling Green and BGSU communities. I have made some amazing friends in the program and have been given countless advice from the staff members. The scholarship program has taught me to work hard for what I want and to not doubt myself and my abilities.”


KIMBERLY MCNEIL (T2019) received a recognition award at the 2021 SMC Awards for her work organizing and developing events for BGSU’s chapter of AWC; she also interned as a reporter with BG News, the student-run campus paper.

Jesse Walton

JESSIE WALTON (A2018 Cohort) served as one of this year’s Thompson social media ambassadors with TALIA BARKER (A2019 Cohort). The social media ambassadors communicate upcoming service opportunities, advertised social events, and shared what our community has been up to. Check us out on Instagram @bgsu_tfs.


SANA ALI (A2018) was the recipient of the Ludd Scholar Award, awarded the Senate Member of the Year for USG, and won the All-Star Award within TRIO Programs. She was also a McNair Scholar funded researcher, member of Beyond The Dream Committee, Co-Chaired Student’s Advisory Council on Diversity & Inclusion (SACODI), among other accomplishments.


AUDREY SCHWEERS (A2018), right, was crowned the 2020 Homecoming Queen for her academic excellence, leadership, and involvement. She poses with the 2019 Homecoming Queen ESTEE MILLER (A2018) was a Thompson Scholar who graduated in May 2020.


REID ZURA (A2019) will be working as a social media specialist for Starship Technologies in Orlando, Florida. During his time at BGSU, he worked for Starship on BGSU’s campus.

Congratulations and best wishes to our Thompson graduates! We are so proud of you and look forward to everything you will accomplish as BGSU Alumni! Please stay in touch.

2016 Cohort
Abdijibar Abas
Dakota Cowper
Michael Davis

T2019 Cohort
Karlea Wagner

2016 Cohort
Micah Ellsberry
Oshionna Lee-Hicks
Jacob Rodriguez
Ryan Talbert

T2018 Cohort
Joseph Krause
Catherine Sestokas
Rachel Suzor

A2018 Cohort
Colton Battin
Dylan Byers
Anna Fargo
Caitlin Lewis
Jordan Parker
Simon Stock
Shelby Stoneman
Seth Ketchum

A2019 Cohort
Hannah Foos

2016 Cohort
Rachel Henry

2017 Cohort
William Allen
Sharnay Calloway
Gayge Carroll
Jace Clemens
Breanna Ellerbrock
Alexandria Freehoffer
Elizabeth Groth
Tessa Haselman
Janae Johnson
Patrick Kinnear
Adreanna Klepec
Veronica Knott
Jordyn Kuemerle
Cecilia Kuss-Shivler
Kortni Martin
Kyrsten Nagypaul
Sierra Nathans
Gracyn Stechschulte

A2018 Cohort
Marra Aldredge
Sana Ali
Samuel Beaver
KiaLynne Bland
Julia Bohland
Hayley Boysel
Nicholas Carlin
Capri Catania
Angeline Cirino
Ashley Compston
Kate Cook
Charles Copeland
Deborah Corson
Mason Dicke
Joshua Filips
Cameron Flynn
Ahmad Ghanim
Grant Goodman
Quinn Gordon
Trevor Hensley
Zolee Howard
Morgan Jaquis
Meadow Kaye
Bradley Keating
Erin Lynch
Emma Marsh
Hannah Natzke
Julia Orshoski
Christine Painter
Bailee Pihlblad
Amanda Pobega
Natalie Ray
Sara Ripploh
Cameron Rufus
Lauren Scherette
Brynna Schroeder
Audrey Schweers
Scarlet Sevits
Corynn Spahr
Griffin Spilman
Tamarind Turner
Jessie Walton
Blaire Wehrley
Jacqueline Weir
Clarke Wheeler
Trey Yates

2018 Cohort
Madyson Aguinaga
Cassandra Clark
Kassidy Fark
Taylor Holtman
Ryan Olee
Taylor Zeller

T2019 Cohort
Justin Bialecki
Lauryn Boudreaux
Haley Hawkins
William Maier
Kimberly McNeil
Mackenzie Miller
Allison Peneff
Trey Talabac
Lorenzo Zamora

A2019 Cohort
Alaina Brubaker
Morgan Espelage
Cali McQueen
Hattie Meyer
Lauren Tucker
Martha Yost
Reid Zura

2019 Cohort
Jalena Cozart

A2020 Cohort
Annabella Voska

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