Hershberger Releases New Photography Anthology

Photography Anthology to Change Debates on Theory, Medium, Technique and Craft

BOWLING GREEN, O. – Bowling Green State University associate professor Dr. Andrew E. Hershberger has recently compiled and edited a new book about photography, “Photographic Theory: An Historical Anthology,” published by Wiley-Blackwell.  

Hershberger specializes in contemporary art and the history of photography. He has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses including Western art surveys, classes on modern and contemporary art, modern architecture and the history of photography at BGSU since 2001.

“People who know me know that I love the medium of photography,” Hershberger says. “My fascination with photography began in high school, continued to grow in college and in graduate school and now in my career as a university professor and researcher.  I love learning about photography, and talking about it, writing about it, reading about it, and teaching others about it.”


“Photographic Theory: An Historical Anthology” has received international critical acclaim. In a review published in the noted journal Leonardo, University of Leuven professor Jan Baetens calls “Photographic Theory” a “timely and stimulating historical anthology,” with a “highly exciting diversity of theoretical questions,” and a “welcome update and broadening of older collections.”

Baetans concludes that “Photographic Theory” will “undoubtedly contribute to reopen many eternal questions on the oldest of new media.” Guggenheim Fellow Fredrik Marsh sees Hershberger’s work as “[a] canonical volume long overdue, smartly constructed, comprehensive and up-to-date."

The anthology is organized into six chronological divisions and eight thematic strands, making the book accessible to teachers, students and general readers alike. “I have tried to organize a vast amount of information and debate in easy to understand ways,” Hershberger states.

Hershberger culled through thousands, and analyzed hundreds of articles to find the 86 key readings for the anthology, including articles penned in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

Contributing author Ellen Handy, associate professor and Historian of Photography at City College of New York, says, “This anthology is a gift to everyone concerned with photographic practice, history and theory. The organization of the book’s sections is richly contextual, and I am delighted to find so many different key texts happily housed together in a single volume.”

Topics include how camera images relate to visual images, and how the question is impacted by the evolution from dark room development to digital editing software techniques; what visual qualities should count as photographic qualities; and photography’s relationship to socio-political identities.

Anne Hammond, author and co-editor of photography books such as “The Art of Photography,” says Hershberger’s anthology is a “wonderful book, which will be a permanent benefit to all scholars in the field.”

“Photographic Theory” is published by Wiley-Blackwell and is gaining a lot of interest, especially among teachers of photography and photo history. Hershberger has been on tour with the anthology across the U.S., and was pleasantly surprised when the book sold out at the College Art Association Annual Conference in Chicago.

“Going to conferences and meeting with all these interested fellow teachers and researchers continues to be very rewarding, and gratifying, especially after working so hard for so long on the book.”

Find Hershberger’s book on Amazon to learn what 86 different authors have written about photography and for a comprehensive overview of recent trends in digital photography.