Laboratory Facilities

Our training and educational facilities enable a powerful student-centered 21st Century learning environment which is designed to facilitate large group learning activities and student productivity through the use of state-of-art technology.

Engineering Technologies Laboratories

flight center
Bowling Green Flight Center


  • 8,800 square-foot training complex with classrooms and offices
  • 8,000 square-foot hangar
  • RedBird Full-Motion Simulator and FRASCA Simulator
  • Fleet includes:
  •      Piper Warrior III - 7
  •      Piper Archer - 2
  •      Piper Arrow - 2
  •      Piper Seminole
  •      Cessna 152

Mikhail Shilov lab1
CAD Laboratory


  • 30 student workstations
  • 24-hour access
  • AutoDesk suite available
  • Updated with SolidWorks and Mastercam
  • Open to all University students

View of the Electronic, Electrical, and Computer Engineering Laboratory in the college of technology, architecture and applied engineering
ECET Laboratory


  • Instruments and supplies include
  •     Oscilloscope
  •     Signal Generator
  •     Frequency Counter
  •     Resistors
  •     Capacitors
  •     Breadboards
  •     Soldering Kits
  •     Multisim software
Equipment is available to students working on independent projects

ctaae banner 4
Machine Shop Laboratory


  • Consists of six areas:
  •         Fluid power
  •         Metal fabrication
  •         Casting
  •         Welding
  •         Materials properties
  •         Metrology
  • Equipment is available to students working on independent projects
  • Instruments and supplies include oscilloscope, signal generator, frequency counter, resistors, capacitors, breadboards, soldering kits, and Multisim software

Rapid Portable Laboratory


  • PLC trainer: 1 Siemens trainer with software and training material
  • Computer-integrated manufacturing: 1 CNC integrated with Fanuc robot
  • Robotino Mobile Robot: 2 AGVs
  • Vision systems: 10 Cognex camera attached to robots with insight software
  • Roboguide: 25 seats for Manufacturing Simulation environment
  • Automation Studio: 30 seats, Full package
  • SCARA Robots: 10 Mitsubishi Robots with programming software
  • Teaching Pendants: 10 hand held controllers for Robots
  • PLC Automation: 10 integrated control systems with I/O
  • Automation Platform: 10 platform with sensors and actuators
  • Pneumatic Grippers: 10 integrated hands for assembly operation
  • ANSYS, Workbench and Electromagnetic: 50 seats for FEM modeling and simulation
  • 20-sim: Unlimited seats for Mechatronics simulation environment

Mohammad Mayyas lab2
Robotics Laboratory


  • Ten industrial training robots (SCARA Mitsubishi) integrated with automation and control systems through Ethernet PLCs and CC-link networks.
  • Cognex vision systems for quality inspection.
  • Electro mechanical and pneumatic Mechatronics systems.