Visit BGSU Aviation & Request Information

It is recommended that prospective students highly interested in BGSU’s Aviation Program schedule to attend a Virtual Aviation Information Session. In addition to the virtual information session, we offer in-person aviation facility and aircraft tours. These in-person tours do not cover in-depth information about the aviation program, so all prospective student are encouraged to attend our virtual aviation information session in addition to the in-person tour.

During the virtual information session, aviation specific topics including our flight training, costs, student organizations, our learning community, and aviation careers will be covered.

Request an Aviation Information Packet


Aviation information packets are sent through the US Mail. Packets include general information about the aviation program at BGSU. Prospective students are encouraged to attend a virtual information session and an in-person visit to fully review the aviation program at BGSU and to answer any questions.

Updated: 12/09/2021 03:48PM