Tuition and Lab Fees

At Bowling Green State University, we keep the cost of higher education within reach. Low fees, financial aid, student employment opportunities and payment plans combine to make the ultimate educational experience an affordable one.

Annual Fee Structure

Ohio Residents  
Tuition & Fees $12,547.20
Room $6,170
Bronze Meal Plan $3,720
Total $22,437.20
Non-Ohio Residents  
Tuition & Fees $12,547.20
Nonresident Fee $7,988.40
Room $6,170
Bronze Meal Plan $3,720
Total $30,425.60

This is an estimate based on a standard occupancy room and standard meal plan. There are additional fees that vary by academic level or college. See the Fee Calculator.

2020-2021 Flight Lab Course Fees

Required Courses for Students Enrolled in the Flight Technology & Operations Specialization*

AERT 2220 Private Pilot I $7,650
AERT 2230 Private Pilot II $7,750
AERT 2810 Instrument I
AERT 2820 Instrument II $13,450
AERT 3240 Commercial/Multi-Engine I $9,320
AERT 3250 Commercial/Multi-Engine II $14,120
  Total: $65,840

Elective Courses for Students Enrolled in the Flight Technology & Operations Specialization*

AERT 4420 Flight Instructor - Multi-Engine $8,650
AERT 4440 Flight Instructor - Airplane Single $5,210
AERT 4460 Flight Instructor - Instrument $4,820

Flight instruction rates reflect the minimum time required to complete the syllabus of instruction. Actual course fees may be higher for individual students who require additional instruction above syllabus requirements to meet the required proficiency.

We do realize that an aviation education is expensive. Aviation students, especially our students specializing in Flight Technology & Operations, are highly encouraged to apply for all financial assistance available. Scholarships, grants and/or financial aid allotments can be used by the student to meet the cost of a flight education.

If you have any questions, please contact our program at 419-372-9457.

* Fees are subject to change at any time with Board of Trustees’ approval

Overflight Billing

Over the last few months, BGSU’s Bursar office has worked collaboratively with the College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering, the Aviation Studies program, and Bowling Green Flight Center to adjust the way overflight is processed. The purpose of this message is to clearly communicate the changes that will take effect on August 1, 2021.

Beginning on August 1, 2021, students will no longer be able to accrue an overflight balance. When a student’s Talon Debit Account gets to $0 in a course, the student will have to prepay for remaining training events in that particular course. Please note the following changes:

  • BGFC Dispatch team members will notify students when their Talon Debit Account has $1000 remaining.
  • Students are responsible to discuss with their Flight Instructor what training events are remaining in their course and if overflight will be needed to complete the course. If a student is on track to complete the course with remaining funds on account, no additional steps are necessary.
  • If a student reaches $0 in their Talon Debit Account and still has training events remaining in their course, they will need to prepay for the next event before they can be ramped out.
    • Student will check in for training event with Dispatch
    • Dispatch will notify student of the amount they need to pay to complete that day’s event
    • Student will log into BGSU’s eMarket system to pay (credit or debit) and will show receipt to Dispatch
    • Dispatch will add funds to student’s Talon Debit Account and ramp student out for training event

Also beginning on August 1, 2021, aircraft rental charges for FAA Checkrides may no longer be sent to a student’s Bursar bill. Students will need to pay Bowling Green Flight Center for the aircraft rental at the conclusion of their FAA Checkride, when they ramp the plane back in.

We hope these changes will help all students to have more understanding and ownership over their flight training and finances. Please reach out to Melissa Webb with any questions relating to this change.

Melissa Webb
General Manager
Office: 419-372-8391