Admitted Students



You're that much closer to becoming an aviation professional! You're automatically accepted into the aviation program once admitted to the University. All students (Aviation Management & Operations and Flight Technology & Operations) should follow BGSU's Admitted Student Guide for guidelines on what to do after being admitted.

For those students specializing in Flight Technology & Operations (Professional Pilot Program), here are additional steps that need to be taken in preparation for your timely start at BGSU Aviation: 

  1. On the first day of your flight slot you will arrive at the Bowling Green Flight Center (BGFC) to meet your Flight Instructor.  If you have questions regarding your flight slot time or need to change the time slot please contact to discuss flight slot availability.
  2. TSA verification - Bring your driver’s license and official birth certificate with raised seal OR a U.S. Passport for Transportation Security Administration verification purposes. We will verify the documents and hand them right back to you. If you are not a U.S. citizen or U.S. national please email me to begin TSA processing. You will need to utilize the following link to begin TSA flight training eligibility if you are not a U.S. citizen or U.S. national.
  3. Obtain a FAA Medical Certificate from a FAA approved Aviation Medical Examiner.  Refer to the FAA medical website link to locate an approved examiner. In order to access and complete your medical certification application go to to create an account and provide medical information. Bring your medical certificate with you to your flight slot.  If you cannot complete your exam at home you might also look for medical examiners in the Bowling Green/Perrysburg/Toledo, Ohio area. You will only need to qualify for a 3rd Class medical certificate for your flight training at BGSU; however, it is your discretion if you would like to obtain a 1st or 2nd Class medical certificate. Generally the cost is higher and you can refer to for the differences in qualification levels. If you are a student utilizing VA benefits for flight training you must have your medical certificate prior to beginning flight training.
  4. You are required to apply in person for a FAA Student Pilot Certificate with one of the following authorized individuals: a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI), FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), FAA Safety Inspector, or FAA Part 141 Airman Certification Representative. All student pilot certificates will be issued by the FAA’s Civil Aviation Registry Branch as a plastic airman certificate card once the TSA and FAA have reviewed the student’s application. Bowling Green Flight Center will have authorized individuals to make your application to the FAA for a Student Pilot Certificate on your first day of class in August.
  5. You will need a headset for flight training. BGFC currently sells a David Clark H10-13.4 model pilot headset at a cost of $349.00 plus tax (available for pre-order purchase until August 3rd on our online pre-order store, If you plan to purchase your headset from our online pre-order store, you will pick up and your headset when you arrive at BGFC for your first day of class. If you do not want to purchase your headset online on our pre-order store you can purchase one from other pilot supply shops online or at an airport.
  6. Ground School and Flight Lab Supplies - If you would like to purchase these supplies through BGFC please visit our online pre-order store, to place your pre-order by August 3rd. If you have any questions about supplies, please email or call us at 419-372-8950.

Important instructions: when pre-ordering supplies on our online pre-order store: When you are checking out, please schedule to pick up your order no earlier than Friday, August 28th. All supplies are pre-paid at the time of order placement.

AERT2200 Private Pilot Ground School

  • Jeppesen Private Pilot textbook
  • FAR/AIM Manual*
  • FAA Airplane Flying Handbook (digital or hard copy)
  • FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (digital or hard copy)
  • Gleim Test Prep – Private Pilot
  • Flight Plotter*
  • E6B Flight Computer *

AERT 2220 Private Pilot Flight I Lab

  • All items denoted by * in the AERT 2200 list above,
  • Pilot Headset*
  • Detroit VFR Sectional*
  • Pilot Logbook*
  • View Limiting Device – Foggles*
  • Flight Bag* (BG Flight Center does not sell flight bags)
  • Piper Warrior III Information Manual* (recommend waiting to puchase this until after your first day of your flight lab)

AERT 2230 Private Pilot Flight II Lab

  • All items denoted by * in the AERT2200/2220 list above,
  • FAA Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards – (digital or hard copy)
  • VFR Sectional appropriate for cross country route of flight
  • Electronic timer and Kneeboard
  • FAA Chart Supplement

AERT 2800 Instrument Pilot Ground School

  • Jeppesen Instrument Commercial textbook
  • Gleim Instrument Pilot Test Prep
  • E6B Flight Computer**
  • FAR/AIM Manual**
  • FAA Instrument Flying Handbook (digital or hard copy)
  • FAA Instrument Procedures Handbook (digital or hard copy)

AERT 2810 Instrument Pilot I Flight Lab

  • All items denoted in the AERT 2200/2220 by * and AERT 2800 by ** lists above,
  • VFR Sectional appropriate for area of flight operations
  • FAA Chart Supplement
  • Terminal Procedure Publication or Electronic Subscription (Instrument Approach Plates)
  • IFR Low Enroute Chart appropriate for area of flight operations

We hope this helps to simplify the process as you prepare to begin Fall semester with BGSU Aviation. We look forward to your arrival!


Catherine Smith, M.Ed.
Chief Flight Instructor, Faculty Teaching Professor, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner
Aviation Studies, Bowling Green State University
(419) 372-9458