Rixan Provides Generous Gift Of Robotics To Engineering Technologies Department

Rixan Associates, Inc. of Dayton is making a donation of assembly robots approaching $1 million to the College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering.  

Steve Harris ’73, president of the company, and his wife, Debbie ’72, are BGSU alumni who wanted to give back to Bowling Green State University because they both appreciate the education they received during their time on campus.   

Harris said Rixan, a pioneer in providing technician robots for university laboratories since 1983, is donating “10 or more assembly robots, which are used in making everything from electronics to cars.” Each robot costs about $35,000 and software used to program the robots can cost tens of thousands of dollars each.  

“This is all very cutting edge stuff: the latest hardware, the latest software, all the tools — that’s what makes it so exciting,” Harris said of the donation. “This is a way of giving back. I’d just like to see students coming out of this program really make a great reputation for BGSU.”