New VCT packaging and display prototyping lab

The Visual Communication Technology (VCT) Packaging and Display (P&D) Lab, first dedicated in 2012, has moved from the Park Avenue facility to the Technology Building. Construction was completed on a new 1,000 square foot space. The lab features specialized lighting for viewing color, and special venting and power to accommodate an 80” VUTEK large-format color printer and CAD digital cutting table.

VCT students learn to design packaging or displays with ARTIOS CAD software and print the designs on corrugated board. Students finish a prototype by cutting out their design on the P&D Lab CAD cutting table.

The lab equipment and software is funded completely by grants and contributions from packaging and display industry partners. ESKO, EFI Electronics For Imaging, the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation, Gerber Innovation, and KDM POP Display have contributed equipment, software, supplies, and services totaling over $4.5 million dollars.

Our well-prepared VCT graduates are working for companies like Green Bay Packaging, KDM POP Display, Century Label, Welch Packaging, Jamestown Container and others.