Mohammed Abouheaf, Ph.D.

Mohammed Abouheaf, Ph.D.

  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Phone: 419-372-3618
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  • Address: 211 Technology Building

Robotics Research - Multidisciplinary research and development of multi-scale systems driven by digital manufacturing revolution to help advance industry and service applications.

Journal Publications

  1. [JN] Abouheaf, M., Lewis, F., Mahmoud, M., and Mikulski, D. (2016) Discrete-Time Dynamic Graphical Games: Model-Free Reinforcement Learning Solution. Control Theory and Technology, 13(1), 55-69. (Best Paper Award)
  2. [JN] Abouheaf, M., Mayyas, M., Hashim, H., and Vamvoudakis, K. (2023) An Online Model-Following Projection Mechanism Using Reinforcement Learning. (IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control-Technical Note) (DOI: 10.1109/TAC.2023.3243165).
  3. [JN] Abouheaf, M., Boase, D., Gueaieb, W., and Spinello, D. (2023) Real-Time Measurement- Driven Reinforcement Learning Control Approach for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems. (Engineer- ing Applications of Artificial Intelligence),
  4. [JN] Abouheaf, M., Vamvoudakis, K., Haesaert, S., Lewis, F., and Babuska, R. (2014) Multi- Agent Discrete-Time Graphical Games and Reinforcement Learning Solutions. Automatica, 50(12), 3038-3053.
  5. [JN] Abouheaf, M. Mailhot, N., Gueaieb, W., and Spinello, D. (2020) Guidance Mechanism for Flexible Wing Aircraft Using Measurement-Interfaced Machine Learning Platform. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurements, 69(7), 4637-4648.
  6. [JN] Abouheaf, M., Mahmoud, M., and Gueaieb, W. (2020) Integral Reinforcement Learning Solutions for a Synchronisation System with Constrained Policies. IET Control Theory & Applications. 14(12), 1599-1611.
  7. [JN] Abouheaf, M., Gueaieb, W., and Lewis, F. (2019) Online Model-Free Reinforcement Learning for the Automatic Control of a Flexible Wing Aircraft. IET Control Theory & Applications, 14(1), 73-84.
  8. [JN] Hashim, H., Abouheaf, M., Abido, M., (2021) Geometric Stochastic Filter With Guaranteed Performance for Autonomous Navigation Based on IMU and Feature Sensor Fusion, Control Engineering Practice, 116, 2021, 104926. Featured by the Journal of Control Engineering Practice (September, 2022). Featured by Elsevier Computer Science Journals & Books Leading up to the IEEE CDC 22 (December, 2022).
  9. [JN] Hashim, H., Abouheaf, M., and Vamvoudakis, K. (2021) Neuro-Adaptive Stochastic Attitude Filter on SO(3). IEEE Control Systems Letters, doi: 10.1109/LCSYS.2021.3123227. (Accepted for Publication in ACC-2022).
  10. [JN] Abouheaf, M., Qu, S., Gueaieb, W., Abielmona, R., and Harb, M. (2020) Responding to Illegal Activities Along the Canadian Coastlines Using Reinforcement Learning. IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine, Magazine, 24(2), 118-126.
  11. [JN] Nahas, N., Abouheaf, M., Gueaieb, W, and Sharaf A. (2019) A Self-Adjusting Adaptive AVR-LFC Scheme for Synchronous Generators. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, DOI:10.1109/TPWRS.2019.2920782.
  12. [JN] Mahmoud, M., Alyazidi, N., and Abouheaf, M. (2018) Adaptive Critics Based Cooperative Control Scheme for Islanded Microgrids. Neurocomputing, (272), 532-541.
  13. [JN] Abouheaf, M., Gueaieb, W., and Sharaf, A. (2019) Load Frequency Regulation for Multi- Area Power System Using Integral Reinforcement Learning. IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution. 13(19), 4311-4323.
  14. [JN] Abouheaf, M., Lee, W. J., and Lewis, F. (2013) Dynamic Formulation and Approxi- mation Methods to Solve Economic Dispatch Problems. IET Generation, Transmission, & Distribution, 7(8), 866-873.
  15. [JN] Abouheaf, M., Gueaieb, W., and Sharaf A. (2018) Model-Free Adaptive Learning Control Scheme for Wind Turbines with Doubly-Fed Induction Generators. IET Renewable Power Generation, 12(14), 1675-1686.
  16. [JN] Nahas, N., Abouheaf, M., and Sharaf, A. (2021) A Multi-Objective AVR-LFC Opti- mization Scheme for Multi-Area Power Systems. Electric Power Systems Research, 200, 107467.
  17. [JN] Kouritem, S., Abouheaf, M., Nahas, N., Hassan, M. (2022) A Multi-Objective Op- timization Design of Industrial Robot Arms. Alexandria Engineering Journal, 61 (12), 12847-12867.
  18. [JN] Nahas, N., Nourelfath, N., and Abouheaf, M., (2022) Optimized Buffer Allocation and Repair Strategies for Series Production Lines. (Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering) (
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Book Chapters

  1. [BC] Abouheaf, M. and Mahmoud M. (2016) Book Title: Microgrid: Advanced Control Methods and Renewable Energy System Integration. Chapter 5: Online Adaptive Learning Control Schemes for Microgrids. Oxford : Butterworth-Heinemann, 137-171.
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Technical Report

  1. [TN] Abielmona, R., and Abouheaf, M. (2020) Realizing situational awareness in information domain: literature search on streaming information. Defence Research Reports, 1-91.

Conference Proceedings

  1. [CN] Qu, S., Abouheaf, M., Gueaieb, W. and Spinello, D. (2021) An Adaptive Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning Cooperative Approach for the Autonomous Control of Flock Systems. (ICRA21: Int. Conf. on Robot. & Autom.) Xi’an, China.
  2. [CN] Abouheaf, M. and Gueaieb, W. (2019) Multi-Agent Synchronization Using Online Model-Free Action Dependent Dual Heuristic Dynamic Programming Approach. (ICRA19: Int. Conf. on Robot. & Autom.) Montreal, Canada.
  3. [CN] Abouheaf, M. and Lewis, F. (2018) Action Dependent Dual Heuristic Dynamic Program- ming Solution for the Dynamic Graphical Games. (CDC18: 57th Conference on Decision and Control) Miami Beach, FL, USA.
  4. [CN] Abouheaf, M., Lewis, F., and Mahmoud, M. (2014) Model-Free Adaptive Learning Solutions for Discrete-Time Dynamic Graphical Games. (CDC14: 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control) California, USA.
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  12. [CN] Najum, I., Nahas, N., and Abouheaf, M., (2023) Optimisation d’une chaîne d’approvisionnement à plusieurs fournisseurs et plusieurs client.CIGI QUALITA MOSIM 2023 (Congrès CIGI Qualita MOSIM 2023 · Propulser la performance).
  13. [CN] Gao, F., Lower, V., Abouheaf, M., Krishnankuttyrema,R., and Sarder, M. (2023) Design- ing a Student-Facing Learning Analytics Dashboard to Support Online STEM Practices.(LAK23: 13th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference).
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