Mohammad Mayyas, Ph.D.

Mohammad Mayyas, Ph.D.

  • Position: Professor
  • Phone: 419-372-8392
  • Email:
  • Address: 219 Technology Building

Robotics Research - Multidisciplinary research and development of multi-scale systems driven by digital manufacturing revolution to help advance industry and service applications.

Dr. Mayyas is a professor of Engineering Technologies at the Bowling Green State University, and an affiliate Associate Research Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas Arlington, where he was formally senior research scientist and the chief of robotics division at its Research Institute. Dr. Mayyas is actively involved in establishing collaborative programs between academic institutions in USA and Middle East.

Courses Taught
Dr. Mayyas currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses including modeling and simulation of dynamic systems, dynamics, thermodynamics, design of experiments, senior project (Capstone), mechatronics, and robotics.


  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2007
    Dissertation Title: Methodologies for Automated Microassembly
    Supervising Professors: Panayiotis S. Shiakolas, Harry Stephanou
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2004
    Thesis Title: Wafer surface reconstruction and characterization for motion compensation in a femtosecond laser micromachining system
    Supervising Professors: Panayiotis S. Shiakolas, TC. Yih
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology, 2001
    Senior Project: Solar tracking control system
    Supervising Professor: Mohammad Othman

Areas of Research
His research interests include Microsystems (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), Micro-robotics, robotics, Mechatronics, control, manipulation and multi scale assembly, system dynamics and vibration, structural analysis, design of mechanisms, multi-scale multi-physics modeling & simulation, inverse engineering, and advanced micromanufacturing methodologies.


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Dissertation/Thesis - Published

  1. M. Mayyas, “METHODOLOGIES FOR AUTOMATED MICROASSEMBLY”, Ph.D Dissertation, University of Texas at Arlington, Publisher: UMI, Ann Arbor, MI.  Number 3310640, 308 pages. (2008).
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Industry Report - Published

  1. M. Mayyas, “The Benefits of the Automated Guided Vehicles in the Smart Manufacturing Industry of Tomorrow”, MHI Annual report for AGVS, Dec. 2018. Available at

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

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Peer-Reviewed Conference Publications (Proceedings)

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