Quality Systems



The Quality Systems 2+2 Online Bachelors Degree Completion Program is available to students that have completed an associates degree in the sciences.

This degree features the following advantages to prospective students:

  • Graduates will be qualified for high demand high paying positions in major industries such as health care, scientific design, leading edge new industries.
  • The QS 2+2 degree follows the ASQ guidelines for quality programs.
  • Having a science based four year degree will allow for advancement either in their current positions or in new organizations
  • The degree follows industry panel recommendations for the needs of employers.

The Quality Systems (QS) major emphasizes quality principles designed to provide professional preparation for emerging leaders in change and improvement while integrating science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (STEM). The QS major, originating in manufacturing, has emerged as an interdisciplinary area of study now being applied in health care, services, construction, government, education, and retail organizations, among others.

American Society for Quality (ASQ) rubrics and certification requirements form the foundation for courses in the QS major. This includes Six Sigma and Lean Improvement Systems within QS/International Standards Organization (ISO) 9000 documentation standards. The quality discipline is widely known to be applicable as a way to improve individually, in teams, and across organizations; it is a systematic way of thinking that is critical to solving complex technical problems.

Delivery systems in QS courses use applied research and problem solving for project management and completion of work in teams. Online delivery systems in QS courses parallel shifts to electronic management methods used for achieving global competitiveness. Quality engineer, quality manager, ISO technical coordinator, process improvement, quality transformation team leader, change manager, and lean sigma champion are typical career titles.

The Quality Systems 2+2 degree completion program provides a pathway for individuals with an associates degree in the sciences (STEM) to master the discipline of quality which is in high demand in industry. Students may complete some hours at locations other than BGSU, based on advisement, and remaining requirements online through BGSU. The knowledge and certification achieved in the degree program insures the individual will be competitive with their peers when seeking or maintaining their position in the work force.

Most Ohio two year community colleges offer transferable associate degrees for the QS major, and some offer one or two year certificate programs. A minimum of 40 credit hours must be at the 3000/4000 level, and a minimum 30 credit hours must be taken from BGSU.

QS 3550 Foundations of Lean
Foundations of quality improvement systems applied for variation and waste reduction and productivity enhancement for lean six sigma manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments. Team-based project configuring e-portfolio in ISO infrastructure.

QS 3610 Auditing Change Services
Auditing environment for change and improvement, emphasizing technological and cultural issues associated with servicing customers from a lean six sigma supplier perspective in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing circumstances. Audits may include change relationships to energy and sustainability, safety and other areas related to quality. Team-based project configuring e-portfolio in ISO 9000 infrastructure.

QS 3710 Six Sigma Systems
Data-based systems for improvement including statistical process control using variable and attribute data, capability measurement analysis, and cost and other data gathering for lean and six sigma manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments. Team-based project configuring e-portfolio in ISO 9000 infrastructure.

QS 3800 Lean Six Sigma
An overview of the dynamic relationship of lean and six sigma principles combined. Analysis of core values and tools inherent in lean and six sigma, with a key emphasis on how they have influenced production. Team-based project configuring e-portfolio in ISO 9000 infrastructure. Prerequisites: QS 3550 and QS 3710.

QS 4600 Synchronous Quality Planning
Summer. Planning and developing new product platform while doing existing quality responsibilities via mature lean six sigma data and documentation in manufacturing or non-manufacturing environments. Team-based project configuring e-portfolio in ISO 9000 infrastructure. Prerequisites: QS 3550, QS 3610, and QS 3710.

QS 4650 Leadership for Lean Six Sigma
Leadership focus around individual tools and techniques as foundation of continuous improvement in the lean and six sigma environment. The scientific application of common lean and six sigma tools will be applied as a transformational and improvement strategy. Team-based project configuring e-portfolio in ISO 9000 infrastructure. Prerequisites: QS 3550, QS 3610, and QS 3710.

QS 4700 Kaizen Project
Lean sigma experience for Kaizen where time, elements of motion and flow, work measurement, machine controlled operations, plant layout, lead time, cellular organization, balancing and leveling are analysed to create value added change of movement or motion in work and reduced variation based on data collected. Capstone project configuring e-portfolio in ISO 9000 infrastructure. Prerequisites: All QS 3000 courses.

The 36 hour STEM Transfer Module must be based on an accredited associate degree demonstrating proficiency in a professional area including technical courses, lab-science courses, and mathematics. If there are fewer than 36 hours, BGSU faculty will advise.

Credit hours are given upon evaluation of previous or current work experience.

  • TECH 3890 (taken Credit by Exam for an $80 fee)
  • TECH 4890T (online course applying learning outcomes of the program)
  • GSW 1120
  • ENG 3880 or BA 2030
  • ENG 2070 or 4860
  • TECH 3020
  • MATH 1280 or 1300 or Equivalent
  • Lab-based Science elective
  • COMM 1020 or 3060
  • CS 1010 or MIS 2000
  • STAT 2000 or higher
  • 2 Business elective courses
  • 2 general elective courses
  • 2 natural science courses
  • 2 social/behavioral science courses*
  • 2 humanities and arts courses*
  • 1 cultural diversity course
  • 1 general education elective course

*1 of these courses can be approved to fulfill the international perspective requirement.

  1. Go to: http://choose.bgsu.edu/apply/online/?online
  2. Click the link for the Quality Systems degree
  4. Enter a username and password

Note: There is a non-refundable application fee. If for some reason all of your transcripts do not arrive or you decide not to begin for a given semester, another application and fee will be required for the next semester.



Request official copies of transcripts from every college or university you have attended. The Office of Transfer Evaluation (419-372-7959) will then evaluate your official transcript for possible credit towards your degree. Official transcripts should be sent directly to:

BGSU Admissions
110 McFall Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Approximately one week after the Admissions Office receives your transcripts and application, your application will be processed. You will receive an email from the Admissions office when that is complete.  At that point, email Sherri Orwick Ogden, Enrollment Services Manager, Online Specialist in the College of Technology Undergraduate Services office for account set up and registration instructions!