Engineering Technology


What is Engineering Technology?

Bowling Green State University’s Engineering Technology program prepares students for a dynamic career in today’s industrial society. Graduates are industrial leaders who manage people, equipment and production resources.

Engineering technology graduates are often called technologists to distinguish them from graduates of engineering programs. Many job titles show little distinction between technologists and engineers. Graduates of engineering technology and engineering programs complement each other in their skills and interests, and they team with technicians and scientists to promote technological advancement.

Career Opportunities

Engineering Technology Graduates go on to careers such as Design Engineers, Sales Engineers, Project Managers, Product Designers, Design Managers, Process Engineers, Production Schedulers, Quality Engineers, Quality Auditors and Managers, and Plant Managers.


  • Applied hands-on curriculum
  • Industry-oriented cooperative education work experience
  • Applied research
  • Opportunity to work as a member of a team

Program Educational Objectives

The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the Engineering Technology major of Bowling Green State University are to prepare professionals who will be able to attain the following within a few years after graduating from the program:       

  1. Are employed in the profession and advance through promotion.
  2. Are adept at working in teams and are proficient in social skills to perform effectively in the global technological corporate environment and community.
  3. Remain technically competent through continuous education and professional engagement.

Student Outcomes

The following student outcomes describe what students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation. These relate to the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that students attain as they progress through the Engineering Technology [ENGT] program:

Student Outcome 1: ENGT graduates from BGSU will be capable of applying principles of mathematics and applied science to perform technical calculations and solve technical problems of the types commonly encountered in engineering technology professional experiences.

Student Outcome 2: ENGT graduates from BGSU will be capable of identifying, formulating, and presenting creative solutions to technical problems within the engineering technology profession.

Student Outcome 3: ENGT graduates from BGSU will be capable of performing analytical measurements in a laboratory setting through the use of scientific instrumentation, analyze acquired data using state-of-the-art statistical software, and write technical reports based on experimental results explaining the significance of the findings.

Student Outcome 4: ENGT graduates from BGSU will achieve ethical and professional standards of behavior based on knowledge of contemporary issues and demonstrate expertise in critical thinking and decision making relative to a global society.

Student Outcome 5: ENGT graduates from BGSU will understand the need for maintaining and improving professional and technical skills throughout their careers.

Student Outcome 6: ENGT graduates from BGSU will be able to communicate and function effectively in diverse, multi-disciplinary teams and others to achieve the goals of the organization.

Program Requirements

Specific requirements can be found on the program checksheet. Students choose a specialization in either quality systems or mechanical design. All quality systems courses are taught online

Mechanical Design

The mechanical design specialization provides graduates with the skills for career success in designing and building mechanical systems and products in a wide range of industrial settings. Technical areas of work encompass hands-on use of CAD/CAM, analysis, design, fabrication, engineering process control and consulting.

Quality Systems

Graduates who choose the quality systems specialization are key people in the process that takes the design engineer’s concept and specifications and helps to translate them into actual production of manufactured goods. Due to the rapidly changing nature of modern manufacturing, the quality systems graduate can expect to find diverse and challenging opportunities in both large and small industries and in areas that extend far beyond the traditional manufacturing environment.

BS in Engineering Technology
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PRE-BSET or PRE-ENGT -- Pre Major