What Sets Us Apart

There are many things that set us apart from other university flight schools: 

  • We are one of only two universities that has their airport located on main campus! You can actually walk from your residence hall to the airport!
  • We are a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved part 141 flight school. The primary advantage of this is significantly less flight time needed to achieve your commercial pilot certificate. This saves you precious time and thousands of dollars.
  • Federal law dictates all airline pilots have at least 1500 flight hours. However, BGSU Aviation has a letter of authorization from the FAA stating that our graduates need only 1000 flight hours to become airline pilots.* This is due to the superior training we provide. Think about how much time and money that saves you! 
  • Bowling Green added 2 Piper Archers to our fleet in Fall 2017! In addition, we've added 5 new Piper Warriors to our fleet spring 2016. Three of the Warriors were purchased new in 2016 directly from the manufacturer, Piper Aircraft, in Vero Beach, Florida. They are equipped with advance aircraft avionics systems and digital cockpit instrumentation. Dual, touch screen Garmin G650 WAAS Global Positioning Units and Garmin G500 Primary Flight Displays and Multi-Function Displays provide our students with the opportunity to train with the newest avionics technology in collegiate flight training aircraft.

    BGFC also purchase a 2006 model Piper Warrior and a 2002 model Piper Warrior and completely refurbished them tip to tail with new paint and aircraft interiors! The 2006 Warrior is equipped with an Avidyne Entegra digital cockpit Primary Flight and Multi-Function Displays and dual Garmin G430 Global Positioning Units. The 2002 Warrior is equipped with analog cockpit instrumentation and dual Garmin G430 WAAS Global Positioning Units. 

    Each of the Warriors takes a valuable place in the aircraft fleet, alongside the existing Piper Arrow and Piper Seminole utilized for advance student Training anytime - day or night, in clear weather or cloudy skies. BGSU Aviation students have safe, reliable, advanced, and beautiful aircraft to become professional pilots in!

  • We have a family environment at BGSU Aviation. Everyone knows everyone, and you're never just a number.
  • BGSU Aviation has an on-site CATS testing center. When the time comes to take your FAA written exams, you won't have to go far!
  • BGSU Aviation has a new flight center which was occupied in May 2015, the training center is 8800 square feet with a 8000 square foot hangar!
  • BGSU Aviation once again has a flight team!
  • There is a floor in one of BGSU's residence halls (McDonald Hall) that is entirely devoted to aviation students and ROTC students!

* In most circumstances. Call for details.