Tuition and Lab Fees

At Bowling Green State University, we keep the cost of higher education within reach. Low fees, financial aid, student employment opportunities and payment plans combine to make the ultimate educational experience an affordable one.

2017-2018 Annual Fee Structure

Ohio Residents   Non-Ohio Residents  
Tuition & Fees $10,606 Tuition & Fees $10,606
Room* $5,560 Nonresident Fee*** $7,536
Bronze Meal Plan** $3,338 Room* $5,560
Total $19,504 Bronze Meal Plan** $3,338
    Total $27,040

* Standard occupancy rooms in the residence halls where most freshman live.
** Other plans are priced at annual rates of $3,972 and $4,312
*** New for Fall 2018: BG Success Scholarship for non-Ohio residents covers more than 50% of nonresident fee for qualified applicants. (Currently valued at $4,000.)

Estimate of Other Annual Expenses

    • Books and Academic Supplies - $1,010
    • Personal Expenses - $3,604

2017-2018 Flight Lab Rates

Required Courses for FTO Majors**

AERT 2220 Private Pilot I $6,942
AERT 2230 Private Pilot II $7,073
AERT 2810 Instrument I $12,454
AERT 2820 Instrument II $12,379
AERT 3220 Commercial / Multi-Engine I $8,048
AERT 3230 Commercial / Multi-Engine II $13,476
AERT 3300 Glass Cockpit Training $2,418


Elective Courses**

AERT 4430 Flight Instructor - Airplane $6,936
AERT 4450 Flight Instructor - Instrument $4,084
AERT 4470 Flight Instructor - Multi-Engine $5,700


Flight instruction rates reflect the minimum time required by the FAA to complete the syllabus of instruction. Actual course fees may be higher for individual students who require additional instruction above syllabus requirements to meet the required proficiency.

We do realize that an aviation education is expensive. Aviation students, especially our students specializing in Flight Technology & Operations, are highly encouraged to apply for all financial assistance available. Scholarships, grants and/or financial aid allotments can be used by the student to meet the cost of a flight education.

If you have any questions, please contact our program at 419-372-9457.

* Fees are subject to change at any time with Board of Trustees’ approval

** Prices current as of Fall 2017