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Mentor Program: Professional Pilots of Tomorrow 

Professional Pilots of Tomorrow is a mentor program comprised of volunteers and designed to assist up-and-coming pilots make informed decisions regarding which airline will best suit their needs. 

Our aim is to provide confidential, insightful and unbiased mentoring to pilots by more experienced and seasoned professional pilots from the airlines throughout the aviation industry.

We’ve created an environment where aspiring pilots are well prepared to make the critical early career and lifestyle choices unique to the aviation industry.


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Aero Crew News is a pilot-hiring magazine designed for pilots by pilots.  Every month we feature a mainline carrier, a regional carrier or a charter company.  Each feature includes information about each company and an interview gouge directly from the source, the interviewer.  Along with the Airline Premier, Aero Crew News also has various articles pertaining to the aviation industry, monthly updates on this constantly changing industry and a grid comparing over 30 different contractual aspects from over 33 different airlines and growing.

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