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  • A "by request" day is a day in which there are no scheduled flight slots. If you would like flight support services on a by request day, your flight MUST be on the schedule by 6:00 PM the previous day. If your flight is not on the schedule by this time, flight support has full discretion on whether to come in. During the Fall and Spring, Sundays are always a by request day. During the summer, all days are by request. Please see the "Upcoming Events Page" for more information about by request days.
  • Flight Support can be reached at 419-372-8950.

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Temporary Flight Restrictions



Please access your OneDrive for BGSU Aviation SOPs, checklists, performance planning cards, and much more!


Flight Technology and Operations Checksheet

Aviation Management and Operations Checksheet

Aviation Engineering Technology Checksheet

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If you don't see your checkride or solo picture in our photo gallery, please contact Christine at 419-372-9457 or

Flight Support Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in working in flight support, please send your resume to Chris Turner at