AVS Advisory Board Members

The Board provides valuable oversight and industry consulting for the BGSU Aviaiton Programs. They provide excellent perspective, guidance, and assessment of the overall programs. They also provide, insight, review, and feedback on curriculum. Some board members will participate in classroom discussions and provide information regarding industry hiring needs and practices. This resource is very valuable to our BGSU students. The board is made up of a variety of aviation careers, airport managers, airline pilots, military pilots, and our academic professors. We are so privilege to have a very dedicated board, we appreciate their time and energy they freely give to make BGSU Aviation the best it can be.  

Aaron Aljets                   Engineering                

Steve Arnold                   Management                    

Shannon Barnhart            Management                    

Mark Black                      Management                    

Michael Courbat              Professor/pilot                     

Kevin Doering                 Management/pilot                

Jason Dorsey                  Airline Pilot                       

Scott Kreinbrink              Pilot/Management                                  

Matthew McVicker           Management/Pilot                 Board President

Christopher Patterson      Management                        

Matthew Polsley              Airline Pilot                  

George Stossel                Management/Pilot                Secretary

Patrick Wolff                   Bus Av Pilot

Ex-Officio Members (non-Voting Members of the Board

Christine Doering           BGFC Management

Stephen Oberst            BGFC Professor/Pilot

Alan Rohrs                    BGFC Professor/Airline Pilot/Management

Catherine Smith             BGFC Airline Pilot/Chief

Nancy VanderLugt          BGFC Management/Pilot