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Joining an organization is a great way to get involved and develop your character and skills as an Aviation student! The following organizations are housed within the BGSU Aviation program. Click on each tab to learn more. Contact information is listed at the bottom of each.

The Falcon Flight Team  


BGSU Aviation now has a Flight Team! BGSU's Flight team mission and goal is to promote all aspects of aviation excellence including safety, skill development, education, and career opportunities through competition.

Here's what the team has accomplished at SAFECON in the past two years!


1st place - Message Drop
5th place - SCAN
Winner - Safety award


9th place - Preflight
9th place - Ground Trainer
6th place - Message drop
9th Place - Navigation
9th place - power-off
6th place - short-field landing

Check back soon for more information about the Falcon Flight Team!      


Flight Team Officers

Catherine Smith

Brian Zalupski

Vice President

Patrick Rolle

Social Media & Marketing Officer

Rebecca Warner

Aric Graham


Ethan Beegle


Jessica Schieberl

Secretary, Safety Officer

If you are interested in joining The Falcon Flight Team, or would like more information about the organization, please contact Ethan Beegle at

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    Interested in donating to the flight team?

    1.Click "donate"
    2. Login or proceed as guest
    3. Click "Fund Options"
    4. Type "BGSU Flight Team" in search bar
    5. Select "BGSU Flight Team Fund"
    6. Enter amount and any additional information
    7. Click "Next" and follow on-screen instructions to complete donation

    Thank you for your support!

    Aviation ambassadors  

    The Aviation Ambassadors was formed Fall of 2015. This group of engaged Aviation Students help with Preview Days, President Day, STEM Day and other recruitment activities on our BGSU campus, as well as off campus activities such as college fairs and air shows. These students are from all three specializations FTO, AMO and AET. We try to meet on a monthly basis to formulate ways we can help students as the enter the BGSU campus and Aviation programs as well as mentoring other students as they progress through their career path at BGSU. The Aviation Ambassadors act as a focus group and are spokesman for our students to the University and the Flight Center. They encourage and seek to make connections with all our aviation students. There are no dues or membership it is a group of students with strong leadership qualities that just want to help and be involved.


    Current Members

    Top Row: Graham Lewis, Cameron Condrey
    Bottom Row: Morgan Kesler, Antonio Lopez, Andrew Betts, Carson Blaisdell, Aric Graham, Vito Ditommaso

    Missing From Photo:
    Jessica Schieberl, Brian Bryant, Allison Doan, Aaron Holmes

    We are always looking for new members. Please contact Christine Doering @ 419-372-9457 or for more information about Aviation Ambassadors.


    From left: Carson Blaisdell, Nathaniel Charter-Harris, Joey Spaulding, Abby Thomas, Jessica Schieberl

    Alpha Eta Rho (Beta Gamma Chapter)

    Founded on April 10, 1929 at the University of Southern California, Alpha Eta Rho (AHP) is the oldest professional aviation fraternity in history. Since 1929, AHP has granted charters to more than 140 chapters at the most prestigious aviation colleges and universities. Currently, Alpha Eta Rho recognizes over 60 active chapters in the United States and throughout the world.

    Membership in Alpha Eta Rho is open to all collegiate men and women who have a strong interest in, or who are currently seeking careers in any field within the aviation and aerospace industries. As a professional fraternity, AHP strives to maintain and promote the highest moral standards and steadfastly affirms its membership to all, not dependent upon race, religion, nationality, or sex.

    Comprised of over 50,000 alumni, Alpha Eta Rho seeks to instill in the public mind a confidence in aviation and its safety. AHP strives to promote contact between the students of aviation and those engaged in the profession, while constantly improving aviation education and research in the field.

    Alpha Eta Rho is a non-profit volunteer organization working to enhance the quality of life of aviation students and strengthen the bonds that exist within the aviation community. The fraternal bond cultivated by Alpha Eta Rho fosters a professional and social atmosphere that not only enhances the collegiate aviation experience, but also builds friendships and networking that will last a lifetime.

    "We all love planes and anything related to flying. We are small, but do what we can to help the campus and community and have fun. One event we have done was Stem in the Park at the Perry Field House for kids. Having fun with aviation is our main focus. We all want to learn more and have fun. So far, we have toured the USAF Museum in Dayton and met up with OSU’s AHP Chapter. AHP also does other events including Trapped Toledo or having dinner/game nights. Plans for the future include touring Toledo’s airport, more museum trips, meeting up with other chapters, and more."


    Joey Spaulding


    Nathaniel Charter-Harris


    Carson Blaisdell

    Vice President

    Abbey Thomas


    Jessica Schieberl


    How to join

    If you are interested in joining Alpha Eta Rho, or would like more information about the organization, please contact the president, Joey Spaulding at

    Young professionals in business & Aviation  


    The Young Professionals in Business and Aviation group was formed in the Spring semester of 2017 with the following objectives:

    • To encourage professionalism in the Aviation Industry (including airports) through the acquisition of knowledge.
    • To establish and develop interchange of information and experience in the development, maintenance and operations of airports, aircraft and aircraft systems with Industry members.
    • To represent aviation in all forms and to cooperate with other on-campus organizations for the general benefit of aviation.
    • To establish both social and business relationships with people in the field of Aviation Business and its allied professions.
    • To aid organizational members in furthering their careers and to prepare students to make effective contributions to the Aviation Industry through internships, seminars, airport tours, guest speakers, and other activities.

    Who can join?

    Any aviation student, alumni, or industry member is eligible to join the Young Professionals in Business and Aviation

    Current members

    Greg Wobser


    Kylie Dible

    Vice President

    If you are interested in joining Young Professionals in Business & Aviation, or would like more information about the organization, please contact the president, Greg Wobser at

    Intersted in forming your own organization? Talk to Christine Doering at the Flight Center (419) 372-9457