Alumni Testimonials

David Phillips

Matthew McVicker

Michael Mikolay

Student Testimonials

I chose the BGSU Aviation Program because I immediately felt at home when I walked in the door for the first time. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly to me and I could tell it was just a big family. I can say now that it definitely a big happy family here, the perfect environment for an education.

- Ethan B.

I chose to come Bowling Green because, it has very friendly and warm environment to it. Everybody here wants you to succeed and excel when you are here. 

- Nathaniel C.

Being a long term military member, I know how important it is to do your research when making decisions about your future. Bowling Green State Universities Aviation program was a no brainer when it came to pursuing my lifelong dream. I’ve been at BGSU now for 2 years and I couldn’t be happier!

- Patrick F.  

I am so glad I decided to learn about the aviation industry through the BGSU Aviation program. The faculty and course work provides an inclusive aviation experience and informs you of the vast amount of opportunities throughout the aviation industry.  Students are greatly encouraged and helped through the process of finding co-ops, which are meaningful, are great learning experiences, and are very valuable to have after graduation.

- Eleanor C.

One beauty about the AMO program is that your options are unlimited in the job market. Unlike the other aviation programs, students are open to many choices within the AMO program because the program covers many aviation and aviation related disciplines including airport and airline operations, airport planning, airport and airline businesses, corporate aviation business, safety, and quality management and auditing. Our BGSU Aviation Program is also enriched by student travel to various state and local aviation conferences, as well as visits and presentations by aviation industry experts, thus creating opportunity for networking.

- Abdoulie J.

The Aviation Management & Operations (AMO) program at BGSU has provided extraordinary flexibility and opportunities for learning the fundamentals needed to prepare for a successful career in aviation management. The networking and hands on experiences with industry professionals made the content relevant and up-to-date. I strongly recommend the program to anyone who is looking for a well-rounded knowledge base in aviation management.

- Brent L.

For me personally, I have experienced the flight side and the management side of the BGSU aviation program and they both are outstanding. The instructors helped me transition and gave me the information I needed to succeed. The faculty are first rate; they give you the tools needed to excel in aviation management and worked with me day or night when I needed help. Overall I would say this program is exceptional and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in aviation.

- Angelo O.

The Aviation Engineering Technology (AET) Program has allowed me to be hands on in the laboratory and work with the latest technology that is used in the engineering world today. More importantly, my participation in two Aviation Co-op's during my time at BGSU has made me confident I will have a career in the aviation business world after graduation.

- Golda B.

After three semesters of undeclared major territory, I had a light-bulb-realization that I wanted to major in Aviation following my first ever flight in an aircraft. BGSU's Aviation Management and Operations program has taught me everything I need to know to be successful in the Aviation Industry. I feel confident that I can go out into the business world and build a productive career for myself based on the knowledge and skills I learned from my time here. The Aviation program's staff are so friendly and willing to do whatever they can to help their students. I will always relate my success back to my experiences and education at BGSU.

- Amber P.