About BGSU Aviation

What is BGSU Aviation?

BGSU Aviation is an FAR Part 141 approved flight education and training program. Aviation majors choose from one of three specializations: Flight Technology and Operations (FTO), Aviation Management and Operations (AMO), or Aviation Engineering Technology (AET). Coursework in each specialization is complemented with business and liberal arts classes that differentiate BGSU’s program from other similar programs.

Each specialization offers a combination of theory and hands-on practice, including cooperative education work experiences. The faculty are leaders in using and teaching emerging technologies and practices in the field of aviation. The program is fully accredited by The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

Career Opportunities

In addition to pursuing employment as a commercial pilot for the airlines, air freight/air cargo companies or corporate flight departments, Flight Technology and Operations majors find employment as flight instructors and charter pilots, as well as in the recreation/sightseeing industry.

Students who graduate with an Aviation Management and Operations specialization are employed by airports and airlines, engineering and consulting firms, general aviation facilities, and auxiliary businesses with customers who are aviation-oriented.

Graduates of the Aviation Engineering Technology (AET) program find employment with companies engaged in the manufacture or maintenance of aviation components.